Dog’s Best Friend, Evan Goes Wild and North Woods law come to Animal Planet this spring

From a media release:

From unlikely animal companions, to exotic wildlife adventures, to high-stakes conservation drama, Animal Planet delivers something for everyone this spring with new and returning series.

First up, Dr. Evan Antin – voted the Sexiest Veterinarian Alive by PEOPLE magazine – takes viewers around the world as he chases his wildlife bucket list in the eight-episode one-hour series EVAN GOES WILD, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT beginning March 7. Growing up in Kansas it was a fascination with wildlife and a love for animals that led him to become a vet. Sharing videos of his interactions with animals has made Evan the most followed veterinarian on Instagram, with more than one million followers. In EVAN GOES WILD, Evan leaves his Los Angeles-based clinic behind and crosses the globe chasing his dream wildlife experiences, including swimming alongside humpback whales in Tahiti, exploring caves with bats and snakes in the Philippines, and tangling with crocs in the Yucatan. Evan brings his passion and love for all wildlife to each adventure where, as a practicing veterinarian, he also lends a helping hand to animals in need along the way.

Then, dogs may be man’s best friend, but it’s their extraordinary chumminess with other animals that are the focus of Animal Planet’s original Canadian production DOG’S BEST FRIEND, airing Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT beginning March 10. The 12-episode, half-hour series showcases dogs who have struck up friendships with the most unlikely of animal companions, from turtles and dolphins, to cheetahs and cats. Each episode visits two sets of unique animal amigos from near and far, showcasing the fate-filled circumstances that first united the animal buddies. Viewers hear the tale of these extraordinary dog relationships, while expert commentary reveals the pop science and dog psychology contributing to these unlikely furry friendships.

The Conservation Officers of New Hampshire face a never-ending series of challenges carrying out their conservation work in Season 6B of NORTH WOODS LAW, airing Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT beginning April 2. Whether it’s fighting against the clock on a search and rescue, preserving and protecting the state’s resources, or tracking down elusive criminals, there’s never a dull moment for the Conservation Officers of New Hampshire. With the help of new trainees and the indispensable, and adorable, K-9 force, this elite group takes on everything the state can throw at them and works together to get the job done.

Below is a closer look at Animal Planet’s new and returning programming highlights for March and April. All programming is subject to change (all times ET; visit to confirm local broadcast times; programming subject to change).

Thursday, March 7
9 p.m. – EVAN GOES WILD – “Sharks and Recreation” – *Series Premiere*
Evan heads to the Tahitian Island of Mo’orea to fulfill a lifelong dream of swimming with humpback whales; he gathers DNA samples from Lemon sharks and blacktip reef sharks; Evan tries to find a home for a litter of day-old kittens.

Sunday, March 10
8 p.m. – DOG’S BEST FRIEND – *Season Premiere*
A four-year-old American bulldog/boxer rescue pup with a cleft lip named Puka loves to cuddle with Rocket Larry, the African Sulcata Tortoise he shares snacks, cuddles, and even coffee time with. Also featured in this episode, Eligh, a rambunctious Great Pyrenees mountain dog, tried desperately to make friends with the other animals at the farm, but it wasn’t until a bossy donkey named Laura arrived that he finally found his best friend.

Tuesday, April 2
10 p.m. – NORTH WOODS LAW – “Midsummer Mayhem” – *Season 6B Premiere*
Officer Holmes and Trainee Frye respond to an ATV accident where a man’s head has been run over. Officer McKee helps relocate a rare rattlesnake. Officer Courtney assists a dog locked inside a car. On Mt. Willard, a collapsed student needs rescuing.