Links: The Order, Season 1

From Ariana Romero of Refinery29:

Link: The Order Is The New Netflix Treat That’ll Dominate Your Weekend
Still missing Teen Wolf nearly two full years after it wrapped on MTV? Wish you didn’t have to wait months for new episodes of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina? Well, Netflix has heard your prayers and responded with The Order, the weirdo young adult supernatural drama you didn’t know you needed to while away the (hopefully) last few cold weather weekends of the year. Continue reading.

From Joel Keller of Decider:

Link: Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Order’ On Netflix, A Horror Series About A School’s Secret Fraternity And A Whole Bunch Of Dead Pledges
The Order, created by Dennis Heaton (Ghost Wars) and Shelley Eriksen (Continuum), has got a lot going for it. It’s got the story of a working-class kid infiltrating the rich kids at a university’s most secret fraternity, and trying to defeat the evil performances from within. Continue reading. 

From Samantha Nelson of The Verge:

Link: Netflix’s dark fantasy The Order is an absurdist match for What We Do in the Shadows
The first episode of Netflix’s new horror series The Order, which premieres on March 7th, reads like a pretty straightforward supernatural drama with a touch of dark humour. The second episode starts to get a little weird, and by the third instalment, the show transitions into a flat-out hilarious mashup of college and horror comedy. Continue reading. 

From Charles Trapunski of Brief Take:

Link: Interview: The Order’s Sarah Grey
“This has all been really new and exciting for me. I hope that a lot of people watch this show and I hope that a lot of people enjoy it and have the same experience that we had filming it, which was such an amazing time.” Continue reading.

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Rachel Langer talks Netflix’s The Order
“When he did send the creative, I thought it was the next best thing to having started my career early enough to write on Buffy. When I heard. ‘warring secret societies,’ I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be so great. I’m very proud of the show because it’s so much fun.” Continue reading.

From Travis Clark of Business Insider:

Link: Netflix’s ‘The Order’ pits werewolves against dark magic, and is its latest original show off to a hot start
“The Order” is ranked fifth on this week’s “binge report” from television-tracking app, TV Time, based on its 12 million global users. The “binge report” tracks the top 10 streaming shows on various services. It’s the only Netflix show on this week’s list aside from “The Umbrella Academy,” which premiered last month. Continue reading.

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Showrunner Dennis Heaton talks The Order’s creative team and casting
After this past week, I’d recommend a healthy dose of escapism TV and luckily Netflix is obliging with the new supernatural-themed, secret-society-in-college series The Order. Continue reading.