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Comments and queries for the week of March 15

Great interview! I was surprised at how the powers that be at Murdoch Mysteries turned the character around for me. The first couple of times I just found Ruth irritating. But the Helen Keller episode was the turning point. After that, I was all in favour of a #Higgsome romance …  there’s something that just works with Henry and Ruth together. —DMK

I have been a faithful fan right from the beginning. I love the fact that Murdoch hinted to Ms. Hart that he knows something isn’t right with evidence she conveniently found. Also, I would like to see William become Inspector and George become detective. I would like to see some of George’s past as well. Also, more episodes dealing with the individual members of the team. Thank you for this show, these characters have become like family in our house. —Janice

My son-in-law worked on [Northern Rescue] last summer. He had a great time and he says Mr Baldwin was awesome to work for. They have not started shooting Season 2 yet, but I am praying they do as I love this show!! —Mona

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  1. Will the CBC Series “Northern Rescue” air on regular CBC tv programming?

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