Comments and queries for the week of March 29

I love Murdoch Mysteries and Still Standing (Jonny Harris … what’s not to love?!) So happy with the return of Street Legal and I think Workin’ Moms is one of the best shows on TV. Fingers crossed for their renewals as well. —Steph

I hope Little Dog, Cavendish, Catastrophe, Diggstown and Street Legal are coming back too. —Anne

Season 13 of Murdoch Mysteries is great news! All seasons were interesting with diverse subjects and wonderful acting. I hope that next season the main characters of the show, Detective Murdoch and his beloved wife Dr. Ogden, will return to joint investigations and be in the centre of the plot! —Lilia

I really enjoy Street Legal. I hope it comes back for at least a half season or full season. Best show I have seen in a long time on CBC. —Renny

Burden of Truth, the best Canadian show in a while. —Ted

I’m happy Anne with an E and Heartland are returning, but I’m worried about Workin’ Moms, Diggstown and Street Legal which are all shows I really like. I know ratings aren’t great, but they should be better. I’m also hoping that Northern Rescue finds success when it finally airs on broadcast. I’m really enjoying the CBC Gem app but I wish it was available on Roku. I’m tired of watching it on my computer and for some reason, my phone won’t mirror cast my TV nor will my laptop, which is frustrating. —Alicia

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  1. I’m wondering if CBC is releasing the entire series of Street Legal on their new streaming channel. I never watched it back in the day and now I’m really curious to see it but I can’t find a DVD of it, only a post-series novel published in 1995.

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