Comments and queries for the week of April 5

Love the Heartland series. Happy there is a Season 12 with all the great cast members. Can hardly wait until it airs. —Sue

I am really enjoying The Murders and really like the look Carter has given to the show. Well done! —John

I can’t believe that Anne with an E received Best Drama over the incomparable Cardinal and/or Murdoch Mysteries [at the Canadian Screen Awards]. Harrumph. The other winners were quite worthy, though. :) —D Mac

My family and I have enjoyed Murdoch Mysteries for years. It’s clever how the writers weave (past) real-life characters into the shows. In the next season, we’d like to see William and Julia realize their dream of having a child … because of Julia’s inability to conceive, it could be through adoption. There could be a young woman who was widowed when her husband died in a farming accident. Tragedy strikes, she contracts a rare disease and dies suddenly. Unbeknownst to Julia and William, the mother had named them as guardians of her infant child, because she had no living relatives and she knew that Julia and William would make good parents for her child. And how about a permanent love interest for George? He’s had enough heartache and is looking for love. Thanks for a great show! —Edith


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  1. I’m glad there’s a season 12 of Heartland coming out! When the DVD of season 12 does come out would someone please notify me. I would like to buy it. We don’t get it on tv, cable, or hulu. I’ll notify amaxon also. Thanks for time.

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