Comments and queries for the week of April 19

Not sure how Murdoch Mysteries can get any better, but it does, season after season. I see a maturity in it, not as many dark episodes, yet they all have extreme depth. I thought the goony Halloween episode was great … I love how they throw the comedy in. I really hope this show lives on forever … I NEVER tire of the characters. We know the characters so well, at least we think we do, and then you throw us some curveballs as a reminder to never take anything for granted. I say BRAVO!!!!!! —Janet

Great season, not the best but engaging. Love the medical history as a health professional it’s fascinating. Definitely, time for the Murdochs to welcome a child by hook or crook. And hope John B. hasn’t been written out of the show; he could use his new career as a setting for more theatrical murders!! Keep producing this program!!! —David

Addicted to Murdoch Mysteries. We have enjoyed each season, but some more than others. Hated to see Dr. Grace depart in such a way never to return. Season 11 was the least enjoyable, but a very good rebound with Season 12. I would like to see the final season being one of closure so as to bid these wonderful characters farewell. I too would like to see John remain a presence in the series. There can be no show without George, he is a delight and is as important as Murdoch for the success of the show. We live in the U.S.A. and subscribe to Acorn TV and do so just to watch Murdoch Mysteries. I would like to see Julia return to the morgue, to join Murdoch in crime solving. She and Miss James were a good combination. —Diane

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