Comments and queries for the week of April 26

Our family is so happy that Battle of the Blades is returning. This was one show we all watched as a family. Bravo to the contestants, as it takes determination and commitment. Can’t wait until Season 5 starts. —The Kosturiks

I came across a website that has a history of the Toronto police from 1870-1920, which I find interesting because much of what is discussed has turned up in Murdoch Mysteries episodes. One thing the site points out is that police stations at that time were built with space to house the homeless and that the police were basically the only agency to deal with this issue. If this is true, perhaps homelessness could be the focus of an episode in Season 13. —Mary

So I am halfway through the second episode of Hudson & Rex and I am still waiting to hear that beautiful Newfoundland accent. The only thing a Newfoundlander will appreciate about this show is a little scenery shown in the background. That’s actually quite sad. Viewers get to see a little of Newfoundland but that don’t actually get to hear it. —Bradley

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