2019-20 Canadian TV season renewal scorecard

With the 2018-19 Canadian television season ending soon, the networks are putting the finishing touches on their primetime lineups for 2019-20. That means celebrations for fans of shows that have been renewed and sadness for programs that won’t return.

To help keep track of what’s been renewed or ending, we’ve put together a handy list for you of what will air between the summer of 2019 and the end of spring in 2020. Check back often to see the status of your favourites.

If you are a television network publicity team member or production company with updated information regarding your show, please contact me a greg.david@tv-eh.com.


  • Still Standing (CBC)
  • Letterkenny (CraveTV)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (CBC)
  • Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC)
  • In the Making (CBC)
  • Highway Thru Hell (Discovery)
  • Heavy Rescue: 401 (Discovery)
  • Dragons’ Den (CBC)
  • Frontier (Discovery)
  • Vikings (History, final season)
  • Private Eyes (Global)
  • Cardinal (CTV)
  • Schitt’s Creek (CBC, final season)
  • Anne with an E (CBC)
  • Killjoys (Space, final season)
  • The Detectives (CBC)
  • The Nature of Things (CBC)
  • CBC Arts: Exhibitionists (CBC)
  • CBC Docs POV (CBC)
  • Marketplace (CBC)
  • Coroner (CBC)
  • The Fifth Estate (CBC)
  • Eyes for the Job (AMI-tv)
  • Employable Me (AMI-tv)
  • The Great Canadian Baking Show (CBC)
  • Kim’s Convenience (CBC)
  • Baroness Von Sketch Show (CBC)
  • Burden of Truth (CBC)
  • Heartland (CBC)
  • Mayday (Discovery)
  • Mighty Trains (Discovery)
  • Mary Kills People (Global, final season)
  • Odd Squad (TVO)
  • Corner Gas Animated (The Comedy Network)
  • Disasters at Sea (Discovery)
  • Quest Out West: Wild Food (APTN)
  • The Next Step (Family)
  • Mind Set Go (AMI-tv)
  • Slasher (on the air now, Netflix)
  • Future History (on the air now, APTN)
  • Carter (Bravo)
  • Where to I Do? (Gusto, renewed for Season 3)
  • etalk (CTV)
  • The Social (CTV)
  • The Marilyn Denis Show (CTV)
  • Your Morning (CTV)
  • Mighty Cruise Ships (currently on the air, Discovery)
  • Mighty Trains (Discovery)
  • Disasters at Sea (Discovery)
  • Workin’ Moms (CBC)
  • Diggstown (CBC)
  • 22 Minutes (CBC)
  • Hudson & Rex (Citytv)
  • Big Brother Canada (Global)
  • Entertainment Tonight Canada (Global)
  • Iron Chef Canada (Food Network Canada)
  • Carnival Eats (Food Network Canada)
  • Fire Masters (Food Network Canada)
  • Big Food Bucket List (Food Network Canada)
  • Top Chef Canada (Food Network Canada)
  • Home to Win: For the Holidays (HGTV Canada)
  • Property Brothers (HGTV Canada)
  • Island of Bryan (HGTV Canada)
  • Save My Reno (HGTV Canada)
  • Backyard Builds (HGTV Canada)
  • History Erased (History)
  • The Beaverton (Comedy Network)
  • Bonacini’s Italy (Gusto)
  • Spencer’s Big 30 (Gusto)
  • Watts on the Grill (Gusto)
  • Hellfire Heroes (Discovery)
  • Wild Bear Rescue (Animal Planet)
  • Jann (CTV)
  • Holly Hobbie (Family Channel)
  • Paranormal 911 (T+E)
  • Worst to First (on the air now, HGTV Canada)
  • Hope for Wildlife (Cottage Life)
  • Wynonna Earp (Space)

Awaiting confirmation

  • One World Kitchen (Gusto)
  • Wild Archaeology (APTN)
  • Bake with Anna Olson (Food Network)
  • Bryan Inc. (HGTV Canada)
  • Nirvanna The Band The Show (Viceland)
  • Mighty Planes (Discovery)
  • Tougher Than It Looks (Discovery)
  • Love It or List It (HGTV Canada)
  • Mighty Ships (Discovery)
  • Yukon Gold (History)
  • Buying the View (W Network)
  • Max & Shred (YTV)
  • Drive Me Crazy (YTV)
  • Massive Monster Mayhem (Family Channel)
  • The Baker Sisters (Food Network)
  • Second Jen (City)
  • Bad Blood (City)
  • When Calls the Heart (Super Channel)
  • The Stats of Life (CBC)
  • The Other Side (APTN)
  • Blood & Water (Omni)
  • The Launch (CTV)
  • Love It or List It Vancouver (HGTV Canada)
  • Property Brothers: Buying and Selling (HGTV Canada)
  • Border Security: America’s Front Line (HGTV Canada)
  • Just Like Mom & Dad (YesTV)
  • Sarah Off the Grid (HGTV Canada)
  • Holmes + Holmes (HGTV Canada)
  • Jade Fever (Discovery)
  • Dog Tales Rescue (Gusto)
  • Last Stop Garage (Discovery)
  • Rocky Mountain Railroad (Discovery)
  • Flour Power (Gusto)
  • MasterChef Canada (CTV)
  • The Murders (Citytv)
  • Northern Rescue (CBC)

Not Returning

  • Street Legal (CBC)
  • Travelers (Netflix)
  • Backstage (Family Channel)
  • Canada’s Worst Driver (Discovery)
  • Crawford (CBC)
  • Little Dog (CBC)
  • Cavendish (CBC)
  • Paranormal Survivor (T+E)
  • Crazy Beautiful Weddings (Makeful)
  • Intervention Canada (T+E)
  • Lakefront Luxury (Cottage Life)
  • Ransom (Global)

5 thoughts on “2019-20 Canadian TV season renewal scorecard”

  1. My top 3 picks for shows in limbo to be renewed are Wynonna Earp, Northern Rescue and Diggstown.

    1. CBC has to renew Diggstown. But HAS to! Workin Moms? Painful. Let it go. 22 Minutes? A beloved institution perhaps, but it’s been past its due date for a very long time. Time to take a bow.

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