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Comments and queries for the week of July 26

I have been a fan of Kristin Kreuk since Smallville. You are a captivating actress, you make the fans feel your emotions, happiness, disappointments and you steal a scene with your appearance. I watched the final episode [of Burden of Truth] sitting in my chair waiting for your legal experience to free your sister. I was more than happy to see that there is a Season 3. Hopefully, there will be many, many, more seasons. The only issue I have I wish there were more episodes per season. Keep up the great work, you’re a professional and we can’t get enough of you. —Inez

A man behind the wheel of a car.Oh, [the cancellation of Canada’s Worst Driver is] sad, but it was a long run for this great show. I’ve learned things while laughing and cringing, wondering how some people could drive so badly. Thanks for 14 excellent seasons. I’ll keep watching the reruns. —Michelle

Oh no! It was a staple. A must! How can it be over? So many people have learned so much—like which cities not to drive in! It’s the only show I PVR. Discovery without Younghusband. Doesn’t seem realistic. Time to review my channel line-up. —Linda

Two people ice fish.Cab drama, money drama, EPs, penalty, and a good task mix (physical diving, detailed diamonds and mental maps). A little of everything. Trish and Amy twice ditched by a cab (poor planning on production’s part to leave people stranded outside after the dive) and two cabs stolen by Dave and Irina. That, plus the Express Pass Princess and Penalty make them the villains for sure, sorta rare for the Canadian Race. Leg design was a bit wonky, why have them leave Slave Lake only to go back? Multiple Express Passes gone in the same episode. This is the second or third season in a row this has happened. Teams just seem too eager to use them. At least one is still in play. Still no season of The Amazing Race Canada without at least one penalty. Lucky for Sarah and Sam about the geoscience building and the money thing, the latter of which reminded me of older The Amazing Race U.S. Strong episode even with the non-elimination. —DanAmazing

This episode was good TV. With Jet and Dave gone so early (still sad!!) the entertainment factor was sorely lacking in the next couple of episodes that followed. Love them or hate them, Dave and Irina provide another reason to watch TARC besides just the race, which can be boring some episodes by itself. The underwater dive looked like fun? OK not really (I can’t swim) but it was a refreshing idea. The staff at the geoscience building rocked!! Rooting for the moms and the twins and the athletes and the Edmonton married couple. Stay real and Go Teams Go!! —Tunie

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