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Comments and queries for the week of August 9

Seeing as The Amazing Race Canada cannot really do culture-clash language barrier struggles with the lack of international legs, and they typically cast for “inspirational” stories (Anthony and James were pretty much asked to audition by production) that avoid the inter-team drama (Dave and Irina an obvious exception this year), that leaves task drama so the perception is the tasks are very difficult which creates the penalty as a strategy angle. Had the time came in then the task would have become literally impossible; and if I remember correctly, it took A&J, T&A over four hours, so over double the penalty time anyway. And, apparently, if it wasn’t for the local advantage knowing Goats on Roof the Roadblock would have slowed them down even more. This Leg was a bit weaker than the last few. So-so tasks and the maze while it looked like a cool Survivor challenge, was much quicker then the dance just from the description of the Detour. Knew it was probably a non-elim with only six teams left and only midway through the episodes. —DanAmazing

[Hudson & Rex is a] wonderful series, looking forward to Season 2. —Irene

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