Comments and queries for the week of August 16

Although I’ve only started watching [Canada’s Worst Driver] when Season 7 premiered, I’ve been a fan of this show since then. Very saddened to hear this news. I was really looking forward to the 15th season this year. RIP to one of Discovery’s best TV shows. —Tiffany

Sorry to see the end of CWD. The show was funny and educational at the same time. —George

I really enjoyed the show and watching it corrected bad habits that I was developing. I also viewed it as a comedy. Sad that it is leaving the airwaves and hope that it will come back. —Norm

Love this show. Hate to see it come to an end. Just browsing to see when it would start up again, and sad to say I won’t. You’ll think they would at least give them a goodbye season, especially when its Season 15! Sad to say there is no heart left in so much of TV. —Ruth

Two women smile into the cameraGreat news! I really like When Calls the Heart. It’s a show that I watch with my mom and daughters. Currently, we are watching the 5th season on CBC Gem. Hopefully When Hope Calls will be available for streaming too, even if we have to wait a while. —Alicia

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