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Comments and queries for the week of August 23

I did not understand why the windows on the bus were blacked out to Kitchener-Waterloo [on The Amazing Race Canada] but besides that, I really liked the last two episodes. They included tasks that challenged the mind instead of just testing physical ability allowing different teams or members of a team to take the lead and thrive. Gulp, the math challenge would have done me in, been too long since high school and do not use the term square root in adult life. Seeing the teams calculate the distance like that (snap!) was awesome. I do not mind Dave and Irina as a team on TARC actually. I do not agree with every decision they’ve made when it comes to their strategy or calling their fellow racers peasants but they are a team who support each other in their goal to win. Plus the way Dave cherishes his wife! Initially, I thought Aarthy was a spunky competitor but with each episode (is it just the editing??) she cannot control her temper, either hates or loves the race, appears to be a bit spoiled, and just brings negative energy. Yup, her outbursts make for good TV but I do feel bad for her partner and not just in the race. The phrase “that’s disrespectful” keeps coming to mind each time she loses her cool at him. Seeing how these teams would fare in a different country would be interesting! Nice to see Team SK almost come in first and win a leg. They are trying so hard. Cute how big sister fed little sister. —Tunie

I liked the questions in other languages so it wasn’t a total advantage for speaking French, though Irina needed time to overcome her fear kinda offset her multilingual skills. Dave just trying to Hulk-smash the Detour was funny too. A flaw in Anthony and James’ skill set, French. Find someone that looks at you the way Sam and Aarthy looked at Thinesh in that suit. Aarthy started strong but the last few episodes she’s flamed out letting him do all the work. The Blind Detour concept was interesting though “That” was clearly easier. Ontario-Quebec-Ontario again, on top of three B.C. legs. Flawed race course design at best. (Though I give them a bit of slack if the rumours of Waterloo and Revelstoke being replacement legs for Turkey and The Philippines are true.) Last week, what was the point of blacking out the bus when it was just another Canadian city? —DanAmazing

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