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Comments and queries for the week of September 6

Glad to see Dave and Irina eliminated [from The Amazing Race Canada]. Anyone who takes multiple penalties on purpose doesn’t deserve to be in there. They took a spot from true fans who want to race, not take time penalties. —Bruce

They were so full of themselves. Delusions of grandeur, thought they were the best. The best doesn’t take penalties. I was done with her long before princess couldn’t jump in cold water. Dave might’ve had skills, but Irina was as useless as a bag of hammers. Their lack of humbleness was disgusting. They should’ve been eliminated the first time they took a penalty. Long overdue, but I’m so glad I don’t have to put up with them in the finale. I’ll be happy with any of these three teams winning. —NeilC

Dave is a pro fighter. He needs to work his opponent to psyche them out and instill doubt. Same strategy he employed on this show. I am disappointed they were eliminated as I connected with their competitive spirit as a contestant in a race. Did not agree with all decisions but I was racing from a couch, they weren’t. If they had led with Irina’s strategy to do what you know first with the apples instead of trying to match all at once, the outcome may have been different. They were the team to beat once the season got going. And yes they were gracious in defeat, while still proud and confident. The race was much more entertaining with them. Am cheering A & J on for the win!! —Tunie

Dave and Irina are two of the nastiest, rudest, meanest, condescending bullies with few redeeming qualities in them. Why they have this inflated opinion about themselves is a real mystery. They are probably one of the most hateful creatures around. —Sswamy

Yayyyy so glad to see Dave and Irina eliminated. Hated them both to the point I almost stopped watching this season. Cheaters and poor sports and so unCanadian in their approach . Now I will be happy with whoever wins. —Laurie

While I like a lot of people are happy that Dave and Irina are gone, having a sinister team made the show more enjoyable to watch, it added a love to hate angle to it all. —John C

Yay! Glad to see Dave and Irina have been eliminated, now I can watch again. Rude, nasty, cheaters. I had stopped watching because of them. I hope TAR doesn’t try to bring these two back for any future shows. —Ann C

I am glad they are gone as well. I stopped watching the show when there were no consequences to their cheating but now that they are gone I will watch the finale. I like to see people overcome challenges and figure out how to get it done, not to see them cheating and hear them insulting other competitors. —Andrea

Last night’s episode was the best ever. I was so glad to see Dave and Irina eliminated. I have had no respect for them since the episode where Irina referred to her fellow competitors as “peasants.” She deserves to lose. —June G

I hope the producers of The Amazing Race Canada take note of the majority of the feedback from Canadians and never cast another couple like Dave & Irina. How many of you out there are like me and loved the original U.S. TAR until Season 6 with Jonathan and Victoria and then of course Season 7 with Rob and Amber? Sure, short-term the ratings went through the roof but it did lasting damage to the show. Now, U.S. TAR is just a freak show (cross over with Big Brother and now even Survivor) and I have long since abandoned it. If in Episode 1 of Season 8 of TAR Canada I see another couple like Dave and Irina then I am done with the show. Life is too short to spend with people like this. And that was not grace on the mat. They were trying to rehabilitate their image and just pure revisionism. We all saw what they did. For me, the way Irina mocked Aarthy at the airport shows who she really is. Absolutely unforgivable. —Charles

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