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Comments and queries for the week of October 4

I do not like the new The Great Canadian Baking Show co-hosts, who are great comedians but did nothing but ruin a great baking show. Your previous hosts were both excellent; the show was great as it was. Why make a change to a successful show? The new co-hosts were the last straw. It is no fun watching this show anymore. Please bring back the previous co-hosts who were great, natural, well-dressed, interesting, fresh, and not recycled from a previous show. —Darlene

I absolutely love Anne with an E! I’ve watched all the episodes several times. Anne is a remarkable actress! Watching this show will get me through the long cold winter. Thank you for producing this series. —Marcella

Fun fact: The actress who plays Marilla on this show is Queen Mary in the Downton Abbey movie. —Sara

Three women have nooses around their necks.Since I was young, the story of the Salem witch trials has captured my attention. I live close to Salem, so I have visited the area many times. I am currently reading Salem Witch Judge by Eve LaPlante. Excellent read! I cannot wait to watch this series! —Leslie

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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of October 4”

  1. Agree with Darlene, the new hosts just aren’t having the required chemistry with the show. Trying to hard to be the role of host. Bad acting is how I would describe it.

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