Comments and queries for the week of October 25

I am of Caribbean origin, but I live in the U.S. I am totally captivated by Murdoch Mysteries, even more so by the relationship between Julia and William. The chemistry between them, and their love and respect of and for one another is so tangible, it really makes one believe in true love. However, Season 13 thus far has me a bit concerned. I haven’t seen much of William and Julia, and with that near kiss with Dr. Dixon I hope they will not be breaking up. This would be in a word “heartbreaking.” I am a bit confused, because I also read in a Toronto paper that they had a baby, and William delivered the baby. I hope that is really going to happen. I truly love these characters, Hélène Joy can do no wrong in my book. She is brilliant. She is a fantastic actress, I just love her. She is beyond amazing. The last two episodes of Murdoch Mysteries were a bit lacklustre, I hope it picks up soon. Bring Julia back, please … I want to see her with William, we need more of that. Solving crime together is great, but the romance between them is even better. I beseech the writers of the show. Thank You. —Alicia

I also think this season so far has made the storyline around guest stars, and really not very interesting stories. I am from America, and do not know some actors, expect for Red Green people, love them. Julia needs to be back (I am sure her absence is due to early filming of a movie). I did not get an end to the Crabtree story. Just OK, not great. A lot of us Yankees love Canadian movies and TV shows. —Janie

I have a even scarier theory: Julia dies. Think about it. There has been nothing in the way of interviews on what might be in store for William and Julia. The show always had a Q&A with the cast. Not this year. Hélène is very busy with her film coming out in the spring, so no time for MM. I think she has another one coming up soon, Run Bobby Run, and she has been named a executive producer of Murdoch Mysteries. Peter Mitchell has tweeted that he was working on the finale and he hopes the fans don’t hate him after they see it. What do you think is going to happen? Something to think about! —August

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  1. I am an aspiring writer who was originally inspired by my fascination with Murdoch Mysteries. I am also the author of the fictional article referred to by ALICIA (10/25) as being, “in a Toronto paper” that reported that William and Julia “had a baby, and William delivered the baby.” I was excited to see my story had touched another out there in the Murdoch Universe. ALICIA commented on the very special romantic relationship between William & Julia. I agree that their portrayed love radiates magic, and thank the authors, actors, and others who makes this TV show for creating it. It stands out among all others as grounded and pure and just a bit spicy. I, too, miss seeing their romance as it had been. I wrote the newspaper article story years ago to try to nudge the writers (who I imagined might occasionally read fan’s stories) towards writing my dream come true into the Murdoch stars. It is great to know others have the same hopes.

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