Comments and queries for the week of November 1

I love Murdoch Mysteries so I am just going to watch and see where the writers take us this season. One thing that I wish they would do is occasionally include a reference to a departed character. Why can’t George mention that he received a letter from Emily Grace and she is still in England carrying on her suffrage work? The same could be done for other characters, including Anna Fulford and Ruby Ogden, among others. I think it’s an indication of how good the writing and acting has been that you would wonder what these characters are doing now. —Mary

Great episode! I consider this the best of Season 13. “Sir. Sir? Sir!!!” was also good, but this one is more interesting to me. An exciting plot, a lot of humour and piquant scenes. In this episode, each couple has interesting and funny adventures and it turned out very harmoniously. I really liked the unexpected appearance of a fabulous creature in the finale! After the absence of joint investigations by William and Julia in the previous plots, their disclosure of the secrets of the damned caves again brings us back to Murdoch’s classic scripts. This is very pleasing! Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy have great talent, natural charm and strong chemistry in a relationship, which makes each episode together amazing! —Lilia

How refreshing to see the return of the investigative tandem of Julia and William. This is what the series is all about, to me anyway. We need more of those. She needs to go back to the morgue. Work more closely with William. Violet Hart served a purpose for a while but she has become bland. There is however an unresolved matter with her. Rebecca was more interesting in her own way. I Liked both Halloween episodes except that this one was more serious, more dark and “Sir. Sir? Sir!!!” was funnier, more over the top. Odd foursome with Higgins and Ruth but it worked, he is a clumsy character, she is funny. I did not find the Brackenreid’s story in this episode as interesting or funny, but it is Halloween after all. No trick of treat, but, perhaps it was like that when the tradition started. —Noele

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