Comments and queries for the week of November 15

We are reminded from time to time that Murdoch Mysteries is, first and foremost, a procedural, solving crimes, it’s just that we were given these two wonderful characters, thanks to the chemistry between the actors, who added an element of fun and romance and we have been expecting it ever since in every episode (it does happen in other shows!). Although Murdoch and his colleagues are very good at solving murders, the tandem William and Julia makes it so much more fascinating instead. Let’s face it procedurals, however clever, are still dull. The showrunners/writers understood that. I hope they have not lost their way. I too relish earlier episodes compared to what we are seeing now. I still think Watts, however quirky at first, is now an uninteresting character who is given far too much attention. That actor should find another gig! Henry fills that role much better especially with Ruth! —Noele

I liked the episode “Toronto the Bad,” and watched it with interest. Dynamic development of the plot with an unexpected ending, excellent acting. We first saw the work of Henry as a taxi driver. It is very touching to see him tired for the well-being of his beloved wife. Lots of fun, enjoyable scenes that I really love in Murdoch Mysteries. This is the mysterious disappearance of a pelican figurine from the house of Murdoch, who was nevertheless stolen by a bad neighbour. The surprise and fun was the route in the house of Julia and William due to a breakdown of the vacuum cleaner. And of course, William’s game of billiards and his expression in the finals! I wonder if Julia, whom she tells William about, will get a raise? I hope that she will not receive it and will return to investigations again. Many fans of the show agree that Julia and William do it very well. Looking forward to the next episodes! —Lilia

Must writers screw up Murdoch Mysteries constantly, or maybe, it’s time to hire new ones? Yes to adding comedy, but stick to solving murders. Yes to Julia and William working together, not writers creating personal problems again. Crabtree’s new relationship is good, until the writers destroy it . Watts is a Sherlock Holmes type crime solver, until the writer’s agenda takes over. The new Parker detective is a good addition, but will he around long? Sorry to be grumpy, but Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian TV treasure, to hopefully carry on for ever, eh? —Nolan

I’d love to hear a response from producers about the Watts situation considering so many are pointing out the inconsistency in this storyline. Considering the popularity of the show you’re seeing that people do pay attention to this kind of thing. —Pierce

OK here’s one. Watts, like many young men and women of the period (and even today), tried for years to suppress his natural tendencies to fit in with the norms and morals of the society he lived in. As such he even overcompensated in his attempts to find a woman he could live with and perhaps marry. But then given an alternative (a chance at a relationship with a man) he decided to be true to himself. Victorian literature (and history) is full of examples of this kind of character. I would be so bold that even today there are many who are suppressing their natural desires to try and fit in. —Peter Mitchell

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