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Comments and queries for the week of November 22

I’ve recently started watching Hudson & Rex. I came across it by accident. I love this show and am happy to hear it was renewed. I’m now watching show after show of Season 1. So tired of all the reality shows, this is refreshing and a great find for me. Please keep it going as long as possible. Storylines, characters and being a Canadian show is fantastic. Thank you for renewing it for Season 2. —Wendy

I loved “The Final Curtain.” A great whodunit with lots of drama plus very funny moments! The aging lothario trying to seduce Margaret was hilarious and then her refusal to accept John’s escapades was a total been-there-done-that moment for me. Great to see Julia getting her hands dirty with murder again. All in all a home run for this series!! —David

We loved this episode! “The Final Curtain” was great fun and kept us guessing until the very end. There was plenty of humour throughout. It was fun watching the Murdoch regulars hamming it up as much as the stage actors. —Mary

It is actually not just one set though it feels like it. We shot the actual theatre stage and auditorium in St. Mary’s but most of the backstage rooms were built in-studio. It is, however, the first episode not have a horse according to people standing around on set. —Joanna Syrokomla

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  1. Love watching the show my daughter and i watch it every week glad to know it has season 2

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