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Link: Anne with an E to end with season three

From Kelly Townsend of Playback:

Link: Anne with an E to end with season three
Northwood Entertainment’s drama Anne with an E is coming to a close with its third season.

CBC and Netflix confirmed the cancellation in a joint statement, saying “we’ve been thrilled to bring the quintessentially Canadian story of Anne with an E to viewers around the world… We hope fans of the show love this final season as much as we do, and that it brings a satisfying conclusion to Anne’s journey.” Continue reading. 



5 thoughts on “Link: Anne with an E to end with season three”

  1. Curious is this is part of the fall out over CBC not working with Netflix in the future. If so, didn’t realize Netflix’s money was the difference between renewal and cancellation.

  2. BOO-O-O-O-O-O ! – so that’s what Canada gets for giving Netflix $ 500 MILLION to make Canadian stories shows – cancelled !

    1. Umnn… Canada didn’t give Netflix anything. Netflix committed to SPENDING $500 million on Canadian productions. As of a year ago, the last I heard was they were on course to spend in excess of that initial commitment.

      Now, it could be argued that Netflix should be spending more, but dealing with internationally based streaming services is difficult. Many Canadians already use Netflix over a VPN to access content not available here, for example.

  3. I don’t think it should have played for three seasons. The first year was good but I quit watching it halfway through the second season. The books are much better with out the musings of someone pandering to today’s created in Hollywood values and viewpoints

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