The nominees and recipients of the New International Awards, for the 2020 CAFTCAD Awards

From a media release:

Joanna Syrokomla and Cynthia Amsden, Co-Chairs of the Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design (CAFTCAD) Awards are delighted to announce the official list of nominees for the 15 categories.

For the newly-minted International Awards category (which reflects the increased popularity of Canadian costume designers internationally by waiving the requirement for 50% of the costumes to be built in Canada), the recipients are:

Costume Design in Film- International
The Song of Names
Costume Designer: Anne Dixon
Assistant Designers: Anna Dal Farra & Clarke Stanley,
Costume Supervisors: Heather Leat, Sosa Juristovszky & Madeleine Tremblay

Costume Design in TV International
Daybreak, 107, Canta Tu Vida
Costume Designer: Michael Ground, Assistant Costume Designers: Maria Tortu & Suzanne Barnes, Costume Supervisor: Danny Vick, Head Ager Dyer: Wynema Chavez, Head Cutter: Aura Sperling.

The nominees are either Canadian citizens or have permanent resident status in Canada. Productions submitted were produced within Canada (costumes must have primarily been created and built in Canada). For co-productions, a minimum of 50% of the creation and build of costumes must have been within Canada. Additional details are available at

The CAFTCAD Awards will take place on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

Excellence in Crafts- Illustration

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season Three
Illustrator: Natalie Bronfman

Killjoys, 510, Last Dance
Illustrator: Ciara Brennan

The Twilight Zone, Season One
Illustrator: Terry Pitts

Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, Season Three
Illustrator: Keith Lau

Umbrella Academy, Season One
Illustrator: Mack Sztaba

Wu Assassins, 101, Drunken Watermelon
Illustrator: Shelby Page

Excellence in Crafts- Textiles

See, Season One
Key Breakdown Artist: Lanny Campbell, Key Assistant Breakdown Artists: Ellie Schultz, Samantha Stroman, Breakdown Artists: Carolyn Bentley, Ciara Brady, & Gaye (GG) Gardiner

Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, 306, The Penultimate Peril
Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, 1st Assistant Breakdown Artist: Chance Lovett

What We Do in the Shadows, Season One
Key Breakdown Artist: Anna Pantcheva

It Chapter Two
Key Textile Artist: Mélanie Turcotte, Dyer and Costume Breakdown Artist: Meghan Ancheta, Costume Breakdown Artists: Debbie Williams & Bob Welsh

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, 209, Chapter Twenty, Mephisto Waltz
Breakdown Artists: The Dye Shop: Anthea Mallinson, Emily Kathleen McIntyre, Layne Eustace Beck & Katie Blecker

Excellence in Building, Eastern Canada- Sponsored by NABET 700 Unifor

The Handmaid’s Tale, Season Three
Cutter: Nancy Da Silva

Odd Squad, 239, Who is Agent Otis
Cutter: Alicia Zwicewicz

Murdoch Mysteries Season 13
Cutter: Erika Fulop, Cutter & Sewer for Julia Ogden: Nona Prilipko, Stitchers: Mary Furlong & Sam Crossley, Milliner: Charlene Seniuk

American Gods, 206, Donar the Great
Cutter: Sue Furlong

Umbrella Academy, 101, The White Violine
Specialty Costume Builder: Milena Radeva

Excellence in Crafts, Western Canada- Building

The Magicians, 405-410
Cutter: Stephanie Kong

Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, 306, The Penultimate Peril
Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight LeFluffy, First Assistant Cutter: Norma Bowen

See, Season One
Cutters: Kieu Nguyen, Tannis Hegan, Seamstresses: Ying Quan, Roma Wnuk, Renee Hope Twaddle

The Detour, Season Four
Cutter: Tracey Carlisle

Costume Design in Short Film

Liam and May
Costume Designer:  Lara Berry
On Set Assistant: Yuliana Rubio

Home in Time
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer/Set Supervisor: Sarah Friedlander

Alien: Ore
Costume Designer: Barbara Gregusova
Assistant Costume Designer: Michael David George,  Costume Set Supervisor: Hillary Brewer

She Said The Movie
Costume Designer: Sophia Rickson

Surrounded by Water
Costume Designer: Marie Sharpe
Assistant Designer: Sarah Morgan

Costume Design in Web Series

Deep Six, 101, Our Ticket Home
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy
Assistant Costume Designer: Roshelle Schnare

How to Buy a Baby, 206
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy
Assistant Costume Designer: Chelsea Graham

Devouring Dungeon: A One Hit Die Adventure, 303, Bag of Farts
Costume Designer: Odessa Bennett, Costume Designer: Ralamy Kneeshaw
Armourer: Andy Guba, Cutter: Ronda Borneman, Cutter: Ana Simões Marquer, Cutter: Jolane Houle, Set Supervisor: Hilary Boterman

Critters – A New Binge
Costume Designer: Valerie Halverson
Assistant Designer: Alanna Koznetsov, Set Supervisor: Krisen Meerse, Truck Costumer: Lindsay Gjertsen, Alien costume builder: Kiah Munn

Styling in Commercials & Music Videos- Sponsored by Berman & Co. 

Heritage Minutes:  Vancouver Asahi
Costume Designer: Nicole McCormick
Seamstress: Tina Oona, Costume Assistants: Jessy Pantella, Aurelia Cerquozzi, Vanessa Palmer

Taliwhoah ft. M.I Abaga, “Sweet Sweet”
Lead stylist: Jess Mori
1st Assistant: Stephanie Ilag, 2nd Assistant: Stace Barton, 3rd Assistant: Bianca Brown, Artistic Consultant: Charlene Akuamoah

LowKey – Full Crate ft. Jayd Ink
Stylist: Charlene Akuamoah, Assistant: Aneka Abraham

Anthem “Conviction”
Costume Designer: Kristin Thurber
Assistant Designer: Magdalena Shenher, Coordinator: Sabina Bullard. Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight Lefluffy, Cutter: Gina Hopkins, Stitchers: Vanessa Palmer, Charlotte Chang, Andrea  Macdonald & Ashandra Soleil Block, Hero Builder: Salem Taylor, Scar Builders: Jessica Pantella & Dylan Gilbert Lad, Breakdown Key: Christina Simpkin, Breakdown Assist: Veronica Lepik, Leather Worker Key: Richard Wasnock, Work Room Assistant: Rebecca Phillip

Playstation, “Foxhole”
Key Stylist: Katry Sertic
1st assistant: Isabel Burns, 2nd assistant: Rachel Ludlow, Breakdown Artist: Silvana Sacco

Costume Design in Indie Feature- Sponsored by IATSE 891

Costume Designer: Deanna Sciortino
Assistant Designer & Costume Set Supervisor: Nathan Laws, Breakdown Artist: Alex Kavanagh, Daily Costumes Buyer: Jennifer Bunt, Costume Dailies: Laura Fines & Sophie King-Hyslop

The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw
Costume Designer: Adriana Fulop
Costume Assistant/Set Supervisor: Vanessa Young, Set Supervisor: Alisha Robinson, Costume Daily: Morgan Penney

Come to Daddy
Costume Designer: Angela Ganderton
Assistant Costume Designer: Kristen Meerse, Costume Buyer: Adam Dekeyser, Prep Costumers: Amelia Morris, Chanel Bonin & Karyna Barros

Costume Designer: Muska Zurmati
Set Supervisor: Bonnie Brown, Truck Supervisor: Sophie Duguin

Costume Designer: Brenda Shenher
Assistant Costume Designer: Joanna Vollhoffer, Costume Set Supervisor: Vaughn Rice Junior, Truck Costumer: Jessica Ransom, Breakdown Artist: Jael Bartnik, Seamstress: Zehava Davidov

Costume Design in TV- Contemporary- Sponsored by IATSE 873  

Riverdale, 316, Big Fun
Costume Designer: Rebekka Sørensen-Kjelstrup, Assistant Designers: Maria Tyson & Andrea Hakesley, Coordinator: Ren Boggio, Assistant Coordinator: Fiona Magee, Prep Costumer: Carmen Ferguson, Lead Buyer: Tammy Joe, Buyers: Yordanos Isak, Marni Fernandes, Deneen McArthur, Lead Seamstress: Lore Penner, Seamstresses: Trish Boyko, Norma Bowen, Set Supervisor: Stephanie LaFreniere, Truck Costumer: Shannon Wilson, Truck Costumer Asst: Stephanie Pols, BG Coordinator: Karen Van Es, BG Costumer: Nancy Jones

LOL :) ComediHa!, 902
Costume Designer: Magali Couture
Assistant Costume Designer: Christiane Lafrenière, Dresser: Klaude Roussel

Get Shorty, 301, What To Do When You Land
Costume Designer: Aieisha Li, ACD: Natalie Simon 5/13-Wrap, ACD: Sheena Mair 4/1-5/10, Costume Coord/Super: Kurtis Reeves, Asst Coord: Alison Wall, Art Dept Graphic: Jennifer Lecaine, Prep Cost: Kristin Thurber, Shelley Zabel, Sylvia Louis, Buyers: Rachel Sowokoski, Kathryn Sheer, Jojo Macdowall, Set Super/Key: Jeffrey Fayle, Truck Super: Ali Kennedy, Truck Assist: Amie Payne, Set Costumer/Asst: Taryn Bailey, Truck Supervisor: Kim Bejar, Cutter: Kateryna Hasduk, Breakdown: Briana Scott,Phuong Chau, Gaya Konikov, BG Coord: Mhelanni Gorre, BG Cost: Annalese Cochrane

Baroness Von Sketch, 401, Humanity is in an Awkward Stage
Costume Designer: Nicole Manek
Assistant Designer: Elise Taylor, Set Supervisor: Delaney Hicock, Truck Supervisor: Aleksia Pavlovic, Buyer/Set Assistant: Gwyneth Barton, Seamstress: Melinda Dempster

The Detour, 406, The Game Show
Costume Designer: Rafaella Rabinovich
Assistant Costume Designer: Tina Dumais, Coordinators: Sondra Durksen & Evan Shotropa, Set Supervisor: Sherry Randall, Truck Super: Sharon Templeman, Key Costumer: Lisa Price, Specialty Costume Maker: Kristen Thurber, Buyer: Ashley Dilworth, BG Coordinator: Dayna Brown, Cutter: Tracey Carlisle, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Team: Joan Lovett, Brittany Morrow, Budapest Crew: Eszter Antal, Orsi Rideg, Fanni Molnar

Costume Design in TV- Period- Sponsored by IATSE 873

Anne With an E, 306, The Summit of My Desires
Costume Designer: Alexander Reda
Assistant Costume Designer: Alima Meyboom, Costume Supervisor: Jenna McCutchen, Background Coordinator: Stuart Farndell, Wardrobe Assistant: Miranda Lumley, Buyer: Randi Littlefair, Cutter: Lois Van Koughnet, Builders: Anna-Claude Biron, Jennifer Snowsill, Julia Hodgson & Lise St. Germain, Breakdown Artist: Jane Edmondson, Milliner: Julie Munson, Set Supervisor: Maria Popoff, Truck Supervisor: Deirdra Morris

Unspeakable, 103, Heat Treatment
Costume Designer: Maria Livingstone
Assistant Designer: Darrelle Griffiths, Costume Coordinator: Tina Dumais, Set Supervisor: Brook Hesseln, BG Coordinator: Michelle Grosssmith, Prep Costumers: Claire Briffet & Jenna Erickson, Buyer: Lyn Kelly,Cutter: Paul Fan

Murdoch Mysteries, 1215, One Minute to Murder
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Charlene Seniuk, Background Coordinator: Stuart Farndell, Cutter: Erika Fulop, Stitchers: Mary Furlong & Julie Munson, Set Supervisor: Jenny Buck, Truck Supervisor: Paul Breckenbridge, Costume Assistant: Anna-Claude Biron

The Terror, 206, Taizo
Costume Designer: Tish Monaghan
Assistant Designers: Kenichi Tanaka, Jaida Hay & Takashi (Ash) Bernhardt, Costume Supervisor: Janice Swaze, Costume Coordinator: Kyla Nesbitt, BG Costume Coordinator: Debbie Geaghan, Set Supervisor: Denise Barrett, Truck Costumer: Christina Petford, Key Breakdown Artist: Sharon Fauvel, Breakdown Artists: Katy Johnson & Jim Campbell,Cutters: Rosalie Lee & Elizabeth Raap-Walski, Shoppers/Prep Costumers: Colette Storey & Suzette Soloman, BG Set Supervisor: Katie Johnson, BG Truck Costumer: Maxine Siperko, Prep Costumers: Stephanie Nolan, Sheila Bingham & Emily Laing, Seamstresses: Patrice Yapp, Anna Postawski, Petra Wright, Jillian Little, 7 Sula Salampassis, Kimono Tech: Fumiko Horan

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 411, Seance and Sensibility
Costume Designer: Vicky Mulholland
Assistant Costume Designer: Leanne Clerihue, Buyers: Cindy Jackson & Ruby Woods, Prep Costumer: Karley Schroyen, Costume Set Supervisor: Barry Peters, Set Costumer Truck: Misty Greer, Background Coordinator: Jenn Mills, Cutters: Tatiana Andrianko & Irina Shorohov, Milliner: Emma Clark

Costume Design in TV- Sci-Fi/Fantasy- Sponsored by IATSE 873

Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, 306, The Penultimate Peril
Costume Designer: Cynthia Summers
Assistant Designers: Phoebe Parsons & Kelsey Chobotar, Costume Coordinator: Courtney Mckenzie & Lorelei Burk, BG Coordinator: Deanna Palkowski, Illustrator: Keith Lau, Prep Costumer: Madeleine Mckibbon, Natalie Mason, Eli Finley, Marcia Mior, Natasha DeFazio & Miel Nicholson, Background Costumer: Natalina Sabathil, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Artists: Chance Lovett, Brittany Morrow, Shelby Page & Alissa Luxford, Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight LeFluffy, Assistant Head Cutter:  Norma Bowen, Seamstresses: Lisa Truong, Vina Guigcangco, Anna Postawski, Helena Prentice, Chelsea Murray, Sahar Eslami & Alina Babii, Set Supervisor: Steve Holloway, Truck Costumer:  Sanchia Wong, Set Costumer:  Steve Oben, BG Set Supervisor: Deanna Palkowski, Costumer: Carmen Bonzelius, BG Truck Costumer: Chloe Sonnenfeld, 2nd Unit Set Supervisor:  Magdalena Shenher

The Handmaid’s Tale, 306, Household
Costume Designer: Natalie Bronfman
Assistant Designer: Christine Cattle, Supervisor: Helena Davis Perry, Buyer: Courtney Mitchell, Cutters: Nancy Da Silva & Sam Wyton, Sewer: Peter Stuckless, Betty Chow & Elena Atanassova, Milliner: Rebecca Fowler, BG Coord: Susan Nycz, Asst BG Coord: Heather Rautiainen, Set Super: M.E. McGuire, Asst set super: Meghan Torrado, BG Set Supervisor: Holly Lloyd, Ager/Dyer: Madeline Brian, Costume Asst: Brandon Schaus

Killjoys, 510, Last Dance
Costume Designer: Trysha Bakker
Assistant Costume Designer: Donna Butt, Costume Buyer: Barbara Sidoruk, Background Coordinator: Sydney Sproule, Breakdown Artist: Anna Pantcheva, Seamstress: Yuen Wa (Maggie) Cheung, Costume Supervisor: Barbara Cordoso, Cutter: Muhammad Alamgir, Seamstress: Teresa Artibello, Jewelry: Alynne Lavigne, Illustrator: Ciara Brennan, Decorator: Laura Stewart, Set Supervisor: Erminia Diamantopoulos, Truck Supervisor: Karen Renaut, Wardrobe Assistant: Lindsay Devlin

Star Trek: Discovery, 214, Such Sweet Sorrow Part II
Costume Designer: Gersha Phillips
Assistant Costume Designers: Daina Valiulis, Carly Nicodemo, & Kim Harkness, Costume Supervisor: Karen Lee, Costume Buyers: Tara Sugar, and Paria Shirvani, Costume Assistant (Office): Francisca Alvarado, Costume Assistant (Millshop): Kaitlyn Fifield, Digital Asset Manager: Mike Rigby, Digital Media Costumer: Erin Holman, Costume Trackers: Kimberley Memory Stanley & Daniela Agosta, Head Cutter: Tanya Batanau-Chuiko, Key Breakdown Artist: Bonnie McCabe, Key FX Costumer: Jenn Burton-Aulbrook, BG Coordinator: Heather Constable, Set Supervisor: Kymn Keating, Truck Supervisor: Chelsea Oliver, BG Set Supervisor: Alexandra Boultzi

Odd Squad, 239, Who is Agent Otis
Costume Designer: Christine Toye
Costume Cutters/Builders: Alicia Zwicewicz &Francesca Hermez, Truck Costumes (On-set): Kaitlyn De Jesus

Batwoman, 102, The Rabbit Hole
Costume Designer: Maya Mani
Assistant Designer: Diana Patterson, Coordinator: Roza Murphy, Set/Prep Costumer: Megan Leson, Prep Costumer: Jennifer Brown, Tina Dumais, Michael Mew, Nikita Star, Stephanie Shanklin, Andrea Urra, Kitty Huang, Rachel McNeight, Carolyn McCauley, Cutter: Tatiana Andrianko, Stitchers: Svitlana Orlova-Yermak, Inna Tokareva, Nicole Bobick, Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Set Supervisor: Kelly Allyn Gardner, Truck Costumer: Kath Colonna, Truck Assist: Claude Goergen, Set Costumers: Ana Simoes-Marques & Shannon Tremewen

Costume Design in Film- Contemporary- Sponsored by IATSE 891

It Chapter Two
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Costume Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Suzanne Aplin, Costume Buyers: Sara Schilt, Nathalie Gysel, Hanne Whitfield, Key Textile Artist: Mélanie Turcotte, Dyer and Costume Breakdown Artist: Meghan Ancheta, Costume Breakdown Artists: Debbie Williams, Bob Welsh & Katy Clement, Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Sewers, Ying Zhao & Sylvie Bonniere, Costume Set Supervisor: Christina Cattle, Truck Supervisor: Susan Nycz, BG Costume Coordinator: Amy Sztulwark, Cast Personal Dressers: Rachel Archer & Miranda Lukaniuk Lipovsek, PA: Miles Caswell, Wardrobe Assistant: Lisa Prince

Disappearance at Clifton Hill
Costume Designer: Judith Ann Clancy
Assistant Costume Designers: Sara Brzozowski & Anna-Claude Biron, Set Supervisor: Rachel Ford, Truck Supervisor: Sam Rice

Ready or Not
Costume Designer: Avery Plewes
Assistant Costume Designer: Heather Crepp, Set Supervisor: Joey Watson, Truck Supervisor: Anita Schspansky, Breakdown Artist: Alex Kavanagh

J.T. Leroy
Costume Designer: Avery Plewes
Assistant Costume Designer: Cat Wadden, Costume Supervisor: Eve Wowchuck , Set Supervisor: Wanda Farian, Truck Costumer: Ted Whetter

In the Shadow of the Moon
Costume Designer: Michelle Lyte
Assistant Designer: Jeannette Linton, Costume Supervisor: William Ng, Buyers: Erin Wells, Carol Wong & Donna Wong, Cutter: Roland Herzinger, Sewer: Tish Northrop, Breakdown Artist: Madaline Brian, Asst Breakdown Artist: Eryn Reid, Set Supervisor: Cara Armstrong Porter, Truck Supervisor: Stephanie Sandrock, B.G Coordinator: Robin White, Asst B.G Coordinator: Tal Avital, On Set B.G: Charlotte Robinson

Costume Design in Film- Period- Sponsored by IATSE 891

The Lighthouse
Costume Designer: Linda Muir,
Managing Director, Seamless Costumes: Kelly Sullivan
Tailor: Marvin Schlichting, Tailor’s Assistant: Stefan Dean Stitchers: Nancy Allen, Lori Bond, Angela Colburne, Monique MacNeill, Leanne Reimer, Lynette Schlichting & Raelene Worthington, Milner: Julie Munson, Bootmaker: Jitterbug Boy, Aging/ Breakdown: Sue Willis, Alima Meyboom, Knitter: Laurie Krempien-Hall, Set Supervisor: Bethana Briffett, Truck Supervisor: Rachael Grant

Costume Designer: Ginger Martini
Assistant Costume Designer: Stephanie Smethurst, Set Supervisor: Keith Bowser, Truck Supervisor: Kaitlyn King

Costume Designer: Lea Carlson
Assistant Costume Designer: Minda Johnson, Costume Buyer: Sandra Ardagna, Background Coordinator: Clarke Stanley, On Set Supervisor: Jenn Lantz, Truck Supervisor: Jesse Gibbs

I am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story
Costume Designer: Maureen Petkau, Assistant Costume Designer: Kelly Barnsley,
Set Supervisor: Laura Anania, Truck Supervisor: Nicole Smigelski

Costume Designer: Kendra Terpenning
Assistant Designer: Jenna Bowler-Cooke, Buyer: Christie Del Monte, Set Supervisor: Chelsea Stanfel, Truck Supervisor: Alisha Robinson, Builder: Sophie Hamilton

For over a decade, the Canadian Alliance of Film and Television Costume Arts and Design (CAFTCAD) has worked towards bringing together Canadian costume professionals from all corners of the industry, regardless of union affiliation. The founders of this Alliance understood that Canadian costumers would be stronger together than individually. CAFTCAD has succeeded in creating a thriving environment within which members can share, learn and advance their craft, while simultaneously raising the awareness of the contributions these artisans have made in the international industry of film, television, video, and commercials.

The CAFTCAD Awards, which held its inaugural event in 2019, is the culmination of these efforts to bring the costuming community together, recognize and reward talent, and usher CAFTCAD onto the world stage – and we are ready to do it again in 2020.