Comments and queries for the week of January 17

Episode 200 of Murdoch Mysteries was great, with an entertaining story and acting. Depiction of the historical figures was clever. It was fun to see George’s imagination appreciated by no less a genius than Albert Einstein. Sally Pendrick was a terrific choice for the arch villain. The Murdoch regulars were at their best. —Mary

“So Liam takes on the house as a project and keeps renovating for her and doing acts of service for her and kindness.”

So Coroner‘s Liam is Jenny’s Eldon? :-) (Murphy Brown reference)

Seriously, I often wonder, Why on earth would one character find another character attractive? There’s nothing there for someone to find them attractive. Perhaps, it’s the fact that the writers only need a simply drawn foil for the main character.

But on this show, I can see why the two of them got together and the actors and writers do a really great job at making the relationship real. These kind of small scenes they create keeps me tuning in each week. —John

Oh hellooooo I’ve seen that lead actor in a couple of other Canadian series and he is a cutie!!! Looking forward to Transplant. Didn’t know John Hannah was gonna be in it too … interesting. —Sarah

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5 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of January 17”

  1. Finally we saw Jilliam in action and mending things step by step.
    Amazing 200th episode. Definitely one of the best in the 13th season, so many characters, creative vibes 💓
    I had certain complaints concerning several previous episodes, but the 200th episode had all the classic Murdoch vibes! A feast for the fandom! The plot, the acting, the outfits and the invention!
    Well done to the cast and the team! Here’s to the improvements and 200 episodes more!

  2. Enjoyed it more than most this season with one quibble: Sallie’s henchmen. The black hats and outfits were straight out of Adam West’s Batman. I thought we were going to see POW!! BAM!!!! graphics flying across the screen.
    All redeemed when she took a laser beam to the forehead!
    On to Season 14!! Canada’s best crime drama.

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