APTN premieres new 13-part series Spirit Talker

From a media release:

Spirit Talker is an emotional documentary series that follows Mi’kmaq medium Shawn Leonard as he travels throughout Atlantic Canada and connects people with their loved ones in the spirit world. Throughout the 13-part series, Shawn uses his unique ability to bring hope, healing and closure to hundreds of people.

During each half-hour episode, Shawn will visit a new First Nation community to perform a live show followed by powerful one-on-one readings with two individuals. Shawn is also on a journey to reconnect with his Mi’kmaq heritage, so in each community he’ll learn about the local history, participate in cultural events and practice traditional skills.

Spirit Talker is a co-production between Tell Tale Productions Inc. and Rebel Road Films. The series received financial support from the Canada Media Fund, The Nova Scotia Film & TV Production Incentive, and Federal Tax Credits.

Spirit Talker will have its world broadcast premiere on Wednesday, February 19, at 8 p.m. EST / 8 p.m. MST on APTN.


10 thoughts on “APTN premieres new 13-part series Spirit Talker”

  1. I am a student of Shawn Leonard and can say he is an Exceptional Medium,
    a compassionate generous healer and a humble man of honour. In deep respect.

  2. I have had an amazing journey with Shawn..it began at the lowest point in my life…I met Shawn 8 months after I lost my Mom and
    when I thought there was no hope, he gave me hope..he showed me the light and as I have completed Year One of Spirit Talker Tribe with Shawn and I couldn’t be more at peace . He is the Real Thing…there are no coincidences, he was put in my life an the exact moment I needed him and you will get to enjoy a small amount of the large presence that he is..a true gift!! So blessed my friend, thank you!

  3. So proud to say Shawn Leonard is my Mentor and friend . This will be an encredible journey and reach even more people that need healing and hope.

  4. I am very interested in this series. Our daughter passed away on March 19, 2019. Before her passing we had a ceremony in her hospital room. 2 elders from Okanagan First Nation did the ceremony. During the process I looked to the head of the bed, there were two elders there both with white hair. One male with his hair in a ponytail and one female with her hair in braids. One was sitting, one was kneeling. As I watched, they each stretched a hand out to my daughter and then.a hand reached out to them. It was an amazing. I talked to an elder at Lennox Island in PEI. She told me that I had just witnessed the spirits coming to escort my daughter into the spirit world. At the time, it gave me great peace. I am anxious to hear the experiences that other people have had.

  5. I am so looking forward to this series! Shawn brings so much love and peace to people. I am so proud to call him my friend and mentor.
    Thank you, Shawn, and Congratulations!

  6. Shawn is my nephew and I went to see him for first time 2years ago and I was so amaze for the gift he was given he helps so many. People I am proud to be his aunt I love you Shawn and be safe
    See you soon

  7. Hello Shawn, I like your Show very Powerful viewing . I was wandering if you plan to make your way West? It would be Cool to see you at Canadas other Coast eh. Anyway again very Fine Show Shawn!! Cheers, Brother Dan.

  8. Hi Shawn , we both saw this for first time today and were very touched by your presence and how your helping people. We’ve had a Native Drum Circle for 9 years and continue today — teaching the 7 Grandfather Teachings & Drumming via Virtual means … We are also blessed to be Custodians of a Medicine Wheel Garden in Peel conservation park – and we are looking to share your video with our members as they pass on also. We drum every Wednesday at 7:30 pm Chii Miigwetch 🙏

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