Comments and queries for the week of February 7

I am so looking forward to [Spirit Talker]! Shawn brings so much love and peace to people. I am so proud to call him my friend and mentor. Thank you, Shawn, and congratulations! —Bobbi

Looking forward to this series Shawn. Wela’lin. —Mary

So proud to say Shawn Leonard is my mentor and friend. This will be an incredible journey and reach even more people that need healing and hope. Congrats. —Melinda

I am a student of Shawn Leonard and can say he is an exceptional medium, a compassionate, generous healer and a humble man of honour. In deep respect. Wela’lin. —Linda

I can’t wait to see your show Shawn. You are a gifted soul. I am blessed to know you!! HUGE HUGS. —Jean

“Rigid Silence” is one of the best episodes so far in Season 13. The jail gangs and the Bell Telephone strike were both powerful storylines. Margaret’s response to Nomi and Thomas was perfect. —Mary

An episode worthy of the Murdoch Mysteries episodes that did not disappoint in the earlier seasons. I always hoped that Chief Constable Giles would return. Nigel Bennett is excellent in the role, even if, in this episode he is a bit worn out from years in prison. I hope William and Julia will be able to help him. An episode I truly enjoy! —Noele

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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of February 7”

  1. Hello.

    I am sooo looking forward to Shawn Leonard’s documentary series, Spirit Talker programme on APTN, beginning Feb. 19, 2020.

    I am also looking forward to attending one of his public readings to be held in the Okanagan, British Columbia in the spring of this year (2020).

    Thank you for the article about Shawn Leonard.


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