A Career Retrospective for Yannick Bisson

Born in Montreal, Quebec, back in 1969, Yannick Bisson landed his first significant television role at the age of 15 when he played the part of Spear Kozak in Hockey Night. Since then, the Canadian actor has gone on to establish himself as a pivotal figure in the country’s entertainment sector. So, let’s take a look at Bisson’s career.

Murdoch Mysteries and his move into directing
Having found his feet on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s television network in 1984, the now 50-year-old actor went on to have an active role in several Canadian productions. Although he has featured in a wide array of different shows, Bisson is most well-known for being the main protagonist in the award-winning series, Murdoch Mysteries.

Premiering back in 2008, the drama has been running for 13 seasons, but reports suggest that the much-loved Canadian series is set to return to screens for another season in the future. Crucially, the show’s longevity has, at the time of writing, provided Bisson with his longest-active role throughout his career in television. Playing Detective William Murdoch, the Canadian recently reached 200 episodes in a production that has, by the actor’s own admission, become part of modern-day Canadian culture. It’s a testament to Bisson’s leading role in the now 12-year-old series that he claimed the Canadian Screen Awards Fan’s Choice Award in 2016, while the show itself received the Golden Screen Award for the most-watched drama in both 2017 and 2018.

Although the Murdoch Mysteries star is widely recognized for his on-screen contributions to the show, the series’ success gave him the foundation to broaden his horizons within the industry. During the fourth season, Bisson used his abilities on the other side of the camera to direct six episodes so far. Furthermore, his contributions to Canadian television, including his roles in Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, and The Adventures of Napkin Man!, as well as Murdoch Mysteries, resulted in him being given the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists’ Toronto Award of Excellence in 2017 for his continued dedication to the industry.

The Canadian’s growing role within the film industry
During the early years of his career, Bisson only sporadically played roles in films. However, shortly before the turn of the new millennium, the award-winning actor landed a role in Velocity Trap, where he played the part of Franklin J. Robinson. Although the film didn’t reach the heights of other titles that were released in the same year, such as Fight Club and The Blair Witch Project, it did provide the Canadian actor with his first serious film role.

Eleven years after the release of Velocity Trap, Bisson was cast in Casino Jack as Oscar Carillo, alongside Barry Pepper, Kevin Spacey, Rachelle Lefevre, and many more. The comedy-drama, which is a true-to-life tale centred around the career of Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist and businessman from Washington, generated a box office total of $1.1 million upon release. Essentially, the movie acquires its title from Abramoff’s cunning plan against casino owners for his own sizeable financial gain. In reality, while casinos are legal throughout Canada, including online casinos where players have a wide choice of games, they are only available under strict supervision and when in line with the country’s implemented legislation.

Following Casino Jack, Bisson’s most recent venture into film came in the 2017 Canadian comedy horror movie, Another WolfCop. The title varies in genre to some of the previous workings that the 50-year-old has been a part of, with it offering light-hearted, gory entertainment as opposed to real-life tales of corruption.

Bisson has become an icon of Canadian television
Ultimately, there can be no doubt that Bisson is more than worthy of his Award of Excellence, given how much he has contributed to Canada’s entertainment industry. Aside from being the focal point of one of the country’s most iconic shows, the actor’s dedication has resulted in him being cast along some of the world’s biggest stars, which is a testament to his career success.


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  1. You didn’t mention one of my favorite Yannick Bisson movies: Year By The Sea (2016). He’s wonderful in it! I think it was Guillermo del Toro who said Yannick is a Canadian institution. He is certainly an ambassador representing Canada to the world. Yannick should be nominated for Canada’s Hall of Fame. Thanks for this retrospective!

  2. Yannick Bisson is a very beautiful and talented actor; he is truly an icon of Canadian television. The best crime drama Murdoch Mysteries, in which he plays the main role, is watched and loved in many countries of the world. In this popularization of Canadian cinema abroad there is a great merit of Yannick Bisson. We wish him success and well-deserved recognition, and also hope for season 14 of our favorite show.

  3. What an outstanding actor and the series is !!!!!! … ” Murdoch Mysteries”. thank goodness!
    … a welcome change from the CBC’s “bottom-of-the-trash-pile” productions such as “Schitt’s Creek” (the worst!), “Working Moms” , “FamilyFued”, and “Baron Von Sketch” … to name but a few.
    Good grief …. what is happening to the CBC!! …. it used to be the best … by far!

  4. I’m happy that Yannick Bisson is getting the accolades he rightly deserves. He is a marvelous actor in a fantastic TV series. What I really love about the show is the presentation … no foul language, no gratuitous gore, just wonderful storytelling in the “whodunnit” sense.

    1. You nailed it. Nothing to make us cringe or look away, just really good writing and acting.

  5. It takes a lot of top-of-the-game people making a lot of perfect decisions and choices and scripts, the best lead and supporting actors, and super dedicated production crews, and a lot of money, to make Murdoch Mysteries the huge quintessentially Canadian tv show of all time.

    However, it takes just one person in particular, the right lead actor for the part, and that is Yannick Bisson – Bisson is Detective William Murdoch we all love and cherish.

    There should be many other Canadian story shows of all genres just as successful as MM. The Canadian market is big enough, proved by the over $ 22 Billion we spend for good shows and movies. Canadians make many of those American shows we watch. MM proves every year for 13 years Canadians can make great Canadian story shows too.

    But we at least have Murdoch Mysteries, to be Canadian, to enjoy and be very proud of.

    Thank you.

  6. I am an American, and I love all of Yannick Bisson’s movies that we are able to see here. I think his acting is superb! I wish we were able to see all of his work, but we only have the Murdoch Mysteries. I love his work! And I am a 72 year old African American!

    1. I’m a 73yr. American who also loves Murdock Mysteries. My daughter and I are rewatching it! Enjoy all the characters. Great entertainment

  7. I love sue Thomas FBI.
    I hope they make more episodes of this.
    I just can’t get enough of
    Sue Thomas FBI..

  8. Bisspn is a good actor but a little stiff. Lets not forget that Murdoch Mysteries a also an ensemble show. Helene Joy is a very good actress and true gem. All the actors are very good and thats a huge part of what makes the show so good. I have watched every episode since it started and love it. Johnny Harris also deserves a lot of praise. His comic relief is so well written. I’m always so pleased with the shows excellent and happy outcomes. I hope it goes on for many more seasons.

  9. I’m a 73-yr-old Ohio Buckeye. Been watching Murdock for years on the Ovation Channel. Just a tremendous cast and talented writers! Please keep this gem in production!

  10. I am a 83 year old lady from the U K , just to say Murdoch Mysteries has been a life saver to watch during lockdown/isolation because of Covid 19, came to the series late but so grateful to all involved over the years to produce such an intelligent and interesting programme, long may it continue!

  11. I became a “Murdoch “ fan about 5 years ago. First saw the show as “The Artful Detective “, and have been following the show since. Because I reside south of the Canadian border, it was tough getting the show on TV, so I had to rent DVDs until I discovered Acorn. I like the entire cast and will miss the show after I finish the final 3 episodes on season 13. Great job CBC. Leo James

  12. I am a 74 year old from Ohio
    I can’t say how much I love Murdoch Mysteries. I watch the show over and over again waiting on the next season.
    I can’t get it on the TV so I have to wait and watch the new shows when they come on Hulu. I like that it is a clean, no sex, no cussing show. Also, I would love for the old shows of Sue Thomas FBI to come on Hulu
    Thank you for Murdoch Mysteries

  13. Murdoch Mysteries is by far, the best series my husband and I have ever watched! It’s what is helping us thru our quarantine time, providing great entertainment! Yannick is brilliant as Murdoch and is my favorite! Looking forward to many more seasons!

  14. I’m a downtown Toronto gal of 40 and I love Murdoch Mysteries (as well as some of the other shows mentioned) . I just returned back home after working 2 years in la belle province de Quebec (Covid job status change) . I always Smile at the references to the familiar areas of my home city as well as the bilingual inclusions. Congratulations to all of the Casts and crews of the shows mentioned. Great job!!

  15. Aurora Teagarden movies haven’t been the same since Bisson’s character, Martin, left the show.

    1. Agree He made her shows so much better. Wonder why HM&M Channel couldn’t ensure that he stayed?

  16. Yannick is superb of that there is no doubt. He is a joy to watch,His acting looks effortless.I am an
    American and adore your show.It is a joy to watch,not like the junk on American TV. I watch it over and over-the more I watch it i pick up on new things,new nuances, that I had not noticed before. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing Canadian TV show that is loved world wide.

  17. Love Murdock Mysteries. Never miss an episode. The actors are all so great and play off each other so well! More episodes, please!

  18. I have watched Murdoch Mysteries since it began. Enjoy the interaction between Murdoch , Crabtree and Brackenridge. Blends historical figures with ease into the stories and Murdoch’s scientific pursuit of various villains (ie:James Gillies).
    The romance between Murdoch and Dr. Ogden is an ongoing challenge and quite entertaining addition to the main story line of each episode.
    The comedy genius of Jonny Harris gives a real sense of every day life in the station house. His timing of one liners is perfection
    Great show, keep going for many more seasons of great entertainment. Monday evenings at 8 pm. , my evenings are booked.



  19. My wife and I have turned a lot of friends onto Murdoch mysteries. Everyone loves it and are mad at us since they have so many to go back and watch. We wish Yannick would come back to Aurora Teagarden.

  20. I live in Texas & fell for Yannick Bisson [& Deanna Bray, also] on Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye. I, too, would love to see all other shows/movies with Yannik.
    Now I adore watching Murdoch Mysteries – the only problem is that I have to wait until 4 AM.😤The cast is fantastic, I love mysteries & the clean language!!!
    I hope this show goes on for many more years – there are plenty more mysteries to be solved, you know.😁

    1. So did I.Yannick made another series”Nothing too good for a cowboy”. It is so funny. And of course he is excellent,

  21. I watched a lot of detective shows, but I consider the best Murdoch Mysteries with the most beautiful detective Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and his delightful wife Julia (Helen Joy). They are a wonderful talented couple!

  22. I just started watching Murdoch Mysteries in Jan. on Amazon Prime. Have binge-watched since and have only the last two shows from the 13th. so glad they are renewing for a 14th. Bisson has the most expressive face of any actor, sometimes it’s just a twitch of an eyebrow that makes a statement. Those eyelashes! He and his family interviews seem so natural and real. Not like the fake stuff on American TV. Except for sports, I watch British and Australian mysteries, beautifully done without any gore. Keep up the good work Canada!

    1. Yannick effortlessly does many things-he even sings! He is multitalented, I don’t think there is anything he can’t do.His acting is beyond compare-have you seen any of his movies??? It is a joy to watch him. He seems to be a very loving Dad,philanthropist,husband and a very down to earth human. I am beyond thrilled at # 1 4 of this wonderful fantastic series,I hope it runs for many years.. I f you want to hear him sing go to youtube and type in Nakin Man.
      It is meant for young children but it is really cute.

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