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Comments and queries for the week of April 24

Murdoch Mysteries is by far, the best series my husband and I have ever watched! It’s what is helping us through our quarantine time, providing great entertainment! Yannick is brilliant as Murdoch and is my favourite! Looking forward to many more seasons! —Char

I am a 74-year-old from Ohio. I can’t say how much I love Murdoch Mysteries. I watch the show over and over again waiting on the next season. I can’t get it on the TV, so I have to wait and watch the new shows when they come on Hulu. I like that it is a clean, no sex, no cussing show. Also, I would love for the old episodes of Sue Thomas F. B. Eye to come on Hulu. Thank you for Murdoch Mysteries. —Elizabeth

I became a Murdoch fan about five years ago. First saw the show as The Artful Detective and have been following the show since. Because I reside south of the Canadian border, it was tough getting the show on TV, so I had to rent DVDs until I discovered AcornTV. I like the entire cast and will miss the show after I finish the final three episodes of Season 13. Great job CBC. —Leo

I am an 83-year-old lady from the UK and want to say Murdoch Mysteries has been a life saver to watch during lockdown/isolation because of COVID-19. Icame to the series late but am so grateful to all involved over the years to produce such an intelligent and interesting program. Long may it continue! —Sylvia

I’m a 73-yr-old Ohio Buckeye. Been watching Murdoch for years on the Ovation Channel. Just a tremendous cast and talented writers! Please keep this gem in production! —Jennie

I am an American, and I love all of Yannick Bisson’s movies that we are able to see here. I think his acting is superb! I wish we were able to see all of his work, but we only have the Murdoch Mysteries. I love his work! And I am a 72-year-old African American! —Marva

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  1. Rerunning all seasons constantly ,even before isolation ,from the crew who move scenery to Wardrobe hair makeup everyone involved in making this the best series ever ,first class all the way brilliant prop monkey four main charactors William Helene Thomas ,and George all brilliant actors .always with a wonderful supporting cast ,scenes of a picturesque Canada 👍😍😍🇦🇺

  2. I think it will be later than September before we see new episodes, but I am quite sure Season 14 is in the works. So glad! it’s the only series I watch on TV and I do mean the only one where I watch each and every episode. Thanks to the whole cast, crew and Shaftesbury and CBC for continuing to bring us excellent, entertaining drama.

  3. I enjoy Murdoch Mysteries although they are reruns. But I also enjoy Hudson and Rex have been very disappointed that, even if the TV guide says Hudson & Rex will be on at a certain time, a talk show replaces H&R. What is going on,

  4. Love 💗 Murdoch Mysteries and I’m a Murdochian living in Florida I don’t get CBC so I subscribe to Acorn TV 📺
    Do you know if Acorn will be picking up season 14 it would be a shame if they don’t it will disappoint many people

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