Comments and queries for the week of May 22

I wish CTV and Global would commit harder to Canadian programming, in particular prime-time dramas and comedies. I don’t really care all that much for sports, lifestyle, news programming. I try to stay informed, I’m not on top all the time on the stories, I do pay a little attention, but I’d rather be entertained.

Somewhere I’ve struck a balance and entertainment gets the preference maybe like 70 or 80 per cent (70/30 or 80/20). CTV has come a long way since I started paying more attention to their “original” programming way back in the 90s with Due South and look what we’ve had since: Corner Gas, Corner Gas Animated, Cold Squad, Motive, 19-2, Orphan Black, Cardinal …. and Transplant! (Admittedly, I watch a lot of murder mystery shows).

On Global, the pace of growth (in the direction I’d like to see them go) has been slow for sure, but they are getting there; since Traders we’ve had Blue Murder, Rookie Blue, Bomb Girls, Nurses, Private Eyes, and Remedy, (yeah, there was Falcon Beach, but I never really watched it; glad there was a soundtrack album release though as I’m a collector of Canadian soundtrack albums.)

Hell, I loved Citytv’s The Bletchley Circle: San Franscisco. But it’s not enough for me. I want more from these networks! I want more original, Canadian programming on these networks. Recently I’ve signed up for Crave in order to see the Robbie Robertson documentary, Once Were Brothers (I highly recommend) and what else am I watching on Crave? Re-runs of 19-2! The American shows don’t interest me at all. So, luckily, I have the CBC to watch more Canadian shows on than CTV or Global. Man, I wish CTV and Global would catch up to the CBC! —Stephen

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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of May 22”

  1. Right on, I so agree with the need for far more good Canadian tv shows, and movies, like the ones you mentioned. Intelligence, Re-Genesis, Murdock Mysteries, Continuum, to add a few, and there’s been more, like ENG. We can’t get enough, so we turn to British shows, on cable and stream from Acorn TV.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I watched an American show. I tend to watch a lot of TVOntario and many British shows like Midsomer Murders (who doesn’t love very peculiar locals and overly convoluted methods of murder with a high body count). Have also enjoyed Agatha Raison on VisionTV which is a so lighted-hearted and fun. I’ve been watching reruns of Corner Gas on CTV Throwback and some of the Classic movies they have been pretty good.

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