Links: Transplant on NBC

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Transplant showrunner Joseph Kay on taking his show south to NBC
“So often, you work years of your life on something and you wonder why it came and didn’t get seen by as many people. With a company like NBC giving it this big push I think we’ve got a great chance to be seen.” Continue reading.

From Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian Press:

Link: Canadian medical drama ‘Transplant’ set to cross border for U.S. debut on NBC
“I think that our show just takes what I would say is a very grounded and honest and relatable look at that story, tells it from the perspective of a refugee and an immigrant but also in a way that makes it universal.” Continue reading. 

From Adam Buckman of Media Post:

Link: NBC Heartfelt Doc Show Is ‘Transplant’ From Canada
He is a great character who rivets your eyes and ears in every scene he is in, which happens to be most of them. He steals the show and makes it worth watching. Continue reading. 

From John Anderson of The Wall Street Journal:

Link: Transplant’ Review: A Skilled Doctor’s Second Act
That the Canadian hit “Transplant” is joining the prime-time NBC lineup is presumably the result of pandemically limited production schedules. But that’s selling it short. Continue reading.

From Michael Starr of the New York Post:

Link: How ‘Transplant’ star Hamza Haq shaped Muslim refugee role
“Joseph trusted my process in building [Bashir’s] back story, so he included me as a character consultant. When ‘This Life’ got cancelled — almost three years before we aired our first episode of ‘Transplant’ — he said to me, ‘This isn’t an offer for [an acting role]. We’re trying to build the character. Would you like to contribute?’” Continue reading.