Links: Trickster, Season 1

From Daily Hive:

Link: New series Trickster is a can’t-miss drama meets supernatural thriller
It’s a gritty and delightfully creepy coming of age teenage drama set in a troubled world that still manages to feel entirely Canadian — and incredibly fun. Continue reading. 

From Radheyan Simonpillai of Now Toronto:

Link: TIFF review: Trickster is electrifying
Trickster is a scrappy, bare-knuckle answer to the Harry Potter series. The comparison might seem reductive but the parallels are there. Both are coming-of-age tales with supernatural elements. And both are about young boys absorbing personal traumas and discovering their inherent power and purpose. Continue reading.

From David Friend of Canadian Press:

Link: ‘Trickster’ actor Joel Oulette on the ‘overwhelming’ rise of CBC’s new series
When it comes to career milestones, actor Joel Oulette considers his passing appearance during a commercial break on “Hockey Night in Canada” to be one of the coolest so far. Continue reading.

From David Friend of the Canadian Press:

Link: Eden Robinson says she couldn’t unsee ‘Trickster’ cast while writing third book
Eden Robinson says the actors in CBC’s upcoming mystical-thriller “Trickster” have winnowed their way into her imagination. Continue reading. 

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: Funny, exciting, with magical monsters: Michelle Latimer and the cast on why ‘Trickster’ isn’t your stereotypical Indigenous show
“There’s so many people who are just so used to that old narrative of just like a native on horseback with the bow and arrow. You’ve got to change that perspective.” Continue reading.

From Heather M. of The Televixen:

Link: Michelle Latimer talks Trickster
“My favorite thing in the world is young talent. I just love working with green, young talent.  It’s kind of like working with a dancer or an athlete [and] rooting them in their body and in their intuitive emotional sides. And that’s really fun for me.” Continue reading. 

From Haley Lewis of Flare:

Link: 6 Reasons to watch Trickster, CBC’s new supernatural thriller
Trickster has the opportunity to help bridge the gap between Indigenous art consumed by Indigenous folks and Indigenous art consumed by everyone. Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: 7 Reasons why Trickster is a must-watch
For those not familiar with Robinson’s best-selling books, Trickster is a unique blend of storytelling unlike much else we’ve seen on television. It’s fresh and exciting and leaves viewers never knowing what to expect next. Continue reading.



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  1. WOW!!!!!!!
    Too all the cast, u are amazing,everything about this series is so well done.
    So entertaining.beautifil scenery and everyone suits there characters.
    Thank you CBC
    Please make a second season.

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