One thought on “Link: ‘Kim’s Convenience’ stars Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and Andrew Phung on its premature end”

  1. I can’t believe that a great show like this could just end like that. I always look forward to watching it every
    Tuesday with my family. Lately its been one of the few things to look forward to each week and now its over.
    Way to kick the fun out of the week ! Whoever decided to turn off the fun is a real jerk! There has never been
    such a diverse program like this on CBC before, I’m not Korean but I thought the family dynamic and mixed race,
    age and gay community was all represented in the program was wonderful. There was something for everyone in the show. Even religion was shown with a warm light and the Pastor was a woman that was down to earth. This show wasn’t just about a Korean family this was about a Canadian family who lived in a real neighborhood with real everyday people from all walks of life. Taking that away from all of us is very sad. I can’t even get dvds after season 2/

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