Links: Strays, Season 1

From Melissa Hank of Postmedia:

Link: Kim’s Convenience spinoff Strays hopes to have you howling
Kim’s Convenience may have been suddenly cancelled in March, while its fifth season was still airing, but co-creators Ins Choi and Kevin White have given fans the gift of a spinoff. Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Nicole Power moves past Kim’s to her new pet project Strays
“Whether or not you’re an actor or professional performer, you’re doing sketches, writing songs and telling stories. It’s an essential part of being out there.” Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of

Link: CBC’s Strays soars in second episode
Sitcoms usually take a while to hit their stride; sometimes weeks, sometimes months. This was especially true if you go all the way back to the days of Cheers and Mary Tyler Moore. Continue reading.


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  1. Actor Kevin Vidal – featured in the photo above – is the absolute best thing about “Strays”. In fact, he should have more screen time in the show! Or get his own series.

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