Exclusive first look at the new trailer for CBC Gem’s Overlord and the Underwoods

Premiering on October 29th on CBC Gem, Overlord and the Underwoods is going to be the next big hit in family television. It has a stellar comedic tone, features a diverse and wickedly talented cast, and is truly unlike anything else on the TV right now.

We’re thrilled to be the very first to exclusively share the new trailer – take a look!

The show follows the Underwoods, a North American family, whose life is turned upside down when their distant cousin, Overlord, the second most-wanted villain in the universe, seeks refuge in their home after being forced into intergalactic witness protection. After snitching out his boss, the evil Colossatrotus, Overlord is sent to live with his incredibly nice, only known family on Planet Earth.

Over the course of the series, the evil Overlord and the very sweet Underwoods discover a thing or two about each other as they learn to treasure the value of family and the importance of true friendship, diversity, and compassion.

The show stars Patrice Goodman, Darryl Hinds, Ari Resnick, Kamaia Fairburn, Jayne Eastwood, introducing Troy Feldman, and award-winning Canadian icon Jann Arden as the voice of “RO-FL”.

The first 10 episodes drop on CBC Gem next Friday, October 29. The remaining episodes will premiere in early 2022.

Produced by marblemedia and CloudCo Entertainment, this original live-action comedy comes from award-winning Canadian writer/director/showrunner and co-creator Anthony Q. Farrell (NBC’s The Office) and co-creator Ryan Wiesbrock (Buddy Thunderstruck, Holly Hobbie).

Academy Award™ winner FX specialist Roger Christian, who brought you some of your favourite FX masterpieces from “Alien” and “Star Wars”, created the character design for this series.

Can’t wait for this one!