The world of Murdoch Mysteries expands with live tour experience

From a media release:

Canadian production company Shaftesbury has announced the launch of a new in-person tour experience for fans of the hit show Murdoch Mysteries. The first of its kind in Canada, the Murdoch Mysteries live tour will bring a group of fans from around the world on a 7-day luxury coach tour of Toronto and parts of Southern Ontario, allowing them to experience the historical locations and beautiful settings in Ontario that have played a part in the beloved series. The tour will run September 26th – October 2nd.

In partnership with U.K based Transcendent Travel, the guided tour will take fans from Toronto to locations including Kingston, Dundas, and Peterborough, and includes luxury accommodations and dining, a behind the scenes look at the show being filmed, and a chance to meet the cast of Murdoch Mysteries while taking in some of the best scenic destinations that Ontario has to offer.

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting travel plans for the last few years, this Murdoch Mysteries live tour represents a return to the exciting in-person events that have been so sorely missed. As Canada’s longest running drama series, Murdoch Mysteries has a devoted international fanbase who will be able to purchase tickets starting today, to take part in this exciting experience.

What:   Murdoch Mysteries Tour of Ontario

When:  September 26th – October 2nd, 2022 (Tickets on sale starting today)

Where: Toronto and surrounding areas

Who:    Shaftesbury, in partnership with Transcendent Travel


3 thoughts on “The world of Murdoch Mysteries expands with live tour experience”

  1. What a shame! You’ve already sold out of the Murdoch Mysteries tour. Are you planning on a second tour? If so, please contact me. Many thanks and all the best for your success.

  2. Be sure to put me on your mailing list for future tours,please.
    Kay Romero
    918 4080753 USA

    1. I’d love to know more about these tours and about the cost involved. We very much enjoy the Murdoch series. It is amazing how the writers keep coming up with new ideas, some are hilarious. Thanks so much.

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