Links: The Lake, Season 1

From Marc Malkin of Variety:

Link: ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Reunion Wanted on New Amazon Series ‘The Lake’
“He overshoots all the time because he’s trying to be cool. It’s a little bit like he’s bringing the energy of Amy Poehler in ‘Mean Girls.’ He’s also not great with boundaries.” Continue reading.

From Heather M of TV Goodness:

Link: Julian Doucet Talks Prime Video’s The Lake
The Lake, which drops its whole first season this Friday on Prime Video, was created and produced by Killjoys writer/producer Julian Doucet, who brought fellow alumni Andrew DeAngelis and Vivian Lin along for the ride. Continue reading.

From Heather M of TV Goodness:

Link: Vivian Lin Talks Prime Video’s The Lake
If you’re looking for a snarky fun binge watch for what ails you, set your reminder for Prime Video’s The Lake, which drops its whole first season this Friday. Continue reading.

From Dhriti Gupta of Macleans:

Link: Anatomy of a Scene: Cottage-country comedy ‘The Lake’
Set in northeastern Ontario, Amazon Prime Video’s new eight-episode series The Lake is a cottage-country comedy loosely based on writer Julian Doucet’s life. Continue reading.

From Murtz Jaffer of the Toronto Star:

Link: Jordan Gavaris and Julia Stiles tackle reconciliation and betrayal in TV comedy ‘The Lake’
“The story just centres on the two of them trying to connect over a summer at the lake while contending with the family drama that comes with Maisy-May.” Continue reading.

From Sadaf Ahsan of the Toronto Star:

Link: In Prime Video’s “The Lake,” Ontario actor Jordan Gavaris takes centre stage
“I had never seen that type of character — who is usually relegated to the rear-view mirror — at the centre of the universe before, and in a story that is not about his queerness or his journey to self-acceptance.” Continue reading.

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Prime Video’s Canadian original The Lake is breezy summer fare
The Lake is where many Canadians head each summer, desperate to find relief from the heat. This series, which starts streaming Friday, also offers comedy — even more of a relief these days. Continue reading.

From Heather M of TV Goodness:

Link: Terry Chen talks Prime Video’s The Lake
“I’m terrified of comedy. So much of it is timing. It’s much harder than anything dramatic or action-based. I love comedy, but it was very daunting and thankfully they let me have the role.” Continue reading.

From Manuel Betancourt of the AV Club:

Link: The Lake is a breezy binge that strays into sitcom territory
There’s plenty to mine in the rivalry between wayward Justin and Type-A Maisy-May. For starters, both Gavaris and (especially) Stiles seem to be having a great time playing these adults who find themselves reduced to warring teenagers all over again. Continue reading.