CBC’s iconic This Hour Has 22 Minutes celebrates historic 30th season with a live taping in Toronto

From a media release:

THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES (24×30) returns to CBC and CBC Gem on Tuesday, September 13 at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) for a historic 30th season that includes a live taping at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto and a special episode that explores what has made the show a cultural touchstone for viewers across Canada over the past three decades.

TRENT McCLELLAN, ABA AMUQUANDOH, STACEY McGUNNIGLE, and 22 Minutes veteran MARK CRITCH are back on the news desk of Canada’s longest-running TV comedy series, continuing to push the boundaries of provocative satire; targeting politics, culture and world events with biting parodies and an unrelenting skewering of the weekly news. With a legacy that spans three decades, 22 Minutes remains a beloved staple for television audiences across the country and has also cultivated a large and dedicated online following. Throughout the duration of Season 29, the show’s social media audience grew by over 650,000 followers collectively. Season 29 also marked a successful introduction to TikTok, with their account earning roughly 82.2 million video views and 9.1 million likes over the course of the season.

This season, 22 MINUTES will celebrate 30 years with two special episodes:

22 MINUTES AT GLENN GOULD STUDIO (October 4), will be filmed in Toronto before a live studio audience of politicians, newsmakers and stars from the world of Canadian comedy.

THIS SPECIAL HAS 30 YEARS (October 11), is a retrospective episode that will look back at 22 Minutes’ history while exploring what has made the show such a groundbreaking cultural force over its 30 seasons, featuring interviews with cast, creatives, and collaborators including Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh and Peter Mansbridge.

The series is filmed in front of a reduced live audience in its new studio and production facilities at the Light House Arts Centre in Halifax, where the show employs an integral and experienced crew across all production disciplines to bring the show to life every week.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes is produced by IoM Media: Executive Producers Mike Allison and Michael Donovan; Producers Meaghan Clark, Carl Gosine, Tracey Jardine, and Dana Landry.