Shelved, Season 1

From Noel Ransome of the Canadian Press:

Link: ‘Shelved’ is a sitcom that shows a deep love for public libraries
When Toronto’s Lyndie Greenwood received the script material for CTV’s library-based comedy “Shelved” more than a year ago, she was living in California and prepared to say goodbye to her acting career. Continue reading.

From Aisling Murphy of The Record:

Link: ‘This is the Toronto I want to be a part of’: How ‘The Office’ alum Anthony Q. Farrell made a TV show about a Parkdale library
“I’m interested in people who have differences of opinion, people who come from different sides of the tracks. I want to look at places where stories come and the library is one of those places for me. The people who walk through that door are always interesting.” Continue reading.

From Kevin Bourne of Shifter:

Link: Shelved is a comedic look at classism and diversity in Toronto
As the premiere begins, it immediately feels like more like an independent theatre production than a show on a major network. This creates a sense of community and intimacy; not only among the characters, but also with viewers. Continue reading.

From Michelle Dorey Forestell of The Kingstonist:

Link: Hometown ‘nerd’ Chris Sandiford stars in CTV’s ‘Shelved’
Chris Sandiford isn’t just a nerd. He plays one on television. And he learned all of his nerdiness right here in Kingston. Continue reading.

From Melody McCune of Geek Girl Authority:

Link: Taylor Love Talks Getting Her Funny On in SHELVED
“Sheila is very funny, but she’s far more grounded because she’s dealing with so much. She’s mature. She’s almost a straight woman without sounding too boring, [even though] she’s not boring at all. I think a lot of people will see themselves in her.” Continue reading.