Links: Little Bird

From Cassandra Szklarski of the Toronto Star:

Link: ‘60s Scoop grief and Holocaust trauma entwine in limited series ‘Little Bird’
“These are extremely triggering stories to tell – not just for Indigenous people and not just for people who experienced the current reality of colonial violence in whatever form that is, which is an everyday reality for us as Indigenous people, but for non-Indigenous people who were realizing the gravity of the situation and feeling guilty.” Continue reading.

From Elisabetta Bianchini of Yahoo News:

Link: ‘Little Bird’ Crave, APTN drama follows Sixties Scoop survivor’s search for home
Famed Canadian producer and actor Jennifer Podemski has taken on the role of showrunner for the new Crave and APTN lumi drama series Little Bird, authentically and honestly telling the story of a Sixties Scoop survivor uncovering her family history, starring Darla Contois. Continue reading.

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: They woke up with four kids. By the end of the day, they had one. Inside the devastating new ‘Sixties Scoop’ drama ‘Little Bird’
One morning, Patti and Morris Little Bird wake up with their four children. By the end of the day they have one child left, the other three having been shoved into a car and taken away, screaming for their mother. Continue reading.

From Ilana Zachon of The Canadian Jewish News:

Link: ‘Little Bird’ called on Jewish and Indigenous writers and actors to tell the story of a child caught in the Sixties Scoop
“I thought: how is it possible that I’ve lived all my life in Canada… and I didn’t know the story. When I read the script, I just thought this will illuminate a lot of things for a lot of people and it’s very important.” Continue reading.

From Matthew Simpson of That Shelf:

Link: Little Bird Review: A Must-Watch Canadian Story
It is Contois who is the star of this show. Her portrayal of Esther is nuanced and empathetic. The character’s journey in the first episode – from thinking she might have it all to realizing she will never belong – is masterfully performed, almost entirely with body language and tone as she navigates a party to celebrate her happiness. Continue reading.

From Julia Mastroianni for Streets of Toronto:

Link: Toronto showrunner is behind this powerful new Indigenous-led series
“Everything I’ve done as a producer has intersected with historical trauma and colonial violence. There is also a lot of joy, love, rich culture and teaching, but there are so many urgent stories that need to be told as a way to move forward and heal.” Continue reading.

From Crystal St. Pierre of Windspeaker:

Link: New series hits close to home for creator Jennifer Podemski
“It is really the closest thing to me that I have ever done. Even though I’m not adopted, those are my two worlds. Those are the exact worlds I grew up in. And it was the perfect way for me to dive into something in a very personal way because I’ve never really explored both of those sides of my family.” Continue reading.

From David Briggs of

Link: Young Nipissing First Nation actor spreads his wings in Little Bird TV show
Tayton Mianskum recently starred in a soon-to-be-released series on CRAVE television. And, if that’s not remarkable enough, this was Tayton’s first time auditioning or acting, so his first role is in a major television production. Continue reading.

From Louise BigEagle of CBC News:

Link: New series tells story of Sixties Scoop survivor learning about her past
“I just hope people feel the love that was put into this, and I hope that non-Indigenous people feel connected to it because the stories are relatable, but also I guess unique, in the sense that nobody really knows very much about the Sixties Scoop.” Continue reading.