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Links: The Trades, Season 1

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: A love letter to Canada’s blue collar workers, The Trades features a ‘diva’ raccoon and may induce a desire to do handiwork
Who says acting is just make-believe? Anastasia Phillips was so inspired by Audrey Stool, the apprentice carpenter she plays in the new Crave comedy “The Trades,” that when her dishwasher broke she took it apart and fixed it herself. Continue reading.

From Melissa Roushorne of The Sarnia Journal:

Link: Sarnia hosts star-studded premiere for ‘The Trades’
When your night starts off by the ‘Trailer Park Boys’ and ‘The Trades’ star Robb Wells asking the crowd ‘’what the **** is going on Sarnia’ you know it’s going to be a good one. Continue reading.

From Paul Morden of The Sarnia Observer:

Link: Sarnia-inspired comedy series about tradespeople hits Crave
Ryan Lindsay celebrated the arrival of his comedy series, The Trades, on television with many of the people who helped it get there during a weekend screening at Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre. Continue reading.

From Angela Gismondi of Daily Commercial News:

Link: The Trades TV show creator inspired by personal experience, his family and local tradespeople
“At family dinners we would always end up talking about my brothers’ days because of the crazy jobs, the nicknames, the rumours, just all of the humour and comedy that comes along with them working in such a hazardous environment.” Continue reading.


Jay Baruchel returns in Season 2 of the Crave original docuseries, We’re All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel)

From a media release:

After more than two years since the series debut, Jay Baruchel is still worrying about humanity’s demise. Crave announced today that Season 2 of its award-winning original docuseries WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE (EVEN JAY BARUCHEL) premieres with all six episodes on Friday, April 19.

In the Canadian Screen Award-winning, half-hour series about the various ways the world could end, Canadian actor, director, and author Jay Baruchel (Blackberry, Goon) is once again joined by top scientists, activists, and experts to explore the global crises that could cause civilization’s demise, all while trying to find the solutions and technological innovations to potentially save the world.

With his trademark wit, relatable discomfort, and deep curiosity, Baruchel continues his journey to dig below the surface of his own anxieties and fears, exploring artificial intelligence, coronal mass ejections, insect die-offs, nanotechnology, the simulation theory, and his own personal fear of death. Episodic synopses for Season 2 are outlined below:

Episode 1 – Jay – I

  • Artificial Intelligence is here. Is it going to take over? Jay finds out how much time remains before society bows down to its robot overlords.

Episode 2 – Scary Space Shit

  • Jay is terrified of outer space. Turns out, he’s right to be afraid. From gamma bursts to coronal mass ejections, space could severely mess things up on Earth.

Episode 3 – Insect Extermination         

  • Jay learns about a terrifying, and growing, problem: insects are dying off and it’s humanity’s fault. What happens if they become extinct? Can humanity survive without bugs?

Episode 4 – Nano Nightmare

  • This tiny technology may help to solve major problems, but Jay learns that it also comes with extraordinary risks to the environment.

Episode 5 – Simulation Schimulation

  • Jay explores the idea that reality is actually a computer simulation. But, if nothing is real, then should anyone even bother trying to save the world?

Episode 6 – The End of Jays

  • In the season finale, Jay confronts the ultimate existential threat: his own doom. Can he learn to accept the uncertainty of his inevitable, but unpredictable, death?

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE is produced by 90th Parallel Productions in partnership with Bell Media’s Crave. Directed by Jay Baruchel, produced by Stuart Henderson and Javiera Quintana, and written by Stuart Henderson, Emma Kassirer, and Kirk Ramsay. Jay Baruchel, Stuart Henderson, Gordon Henderson, and Victoria Lean are Executive Producers.


Links: Late Bloomer, Season 1

From Aparita Bhandari of The Globe & Mail:

Link: After rising to YouTube fame, Jasmeet Raina disappeared – and now he’s back in Late Bloomer
Sitting in the Bell Media office space in downtown Queen Street West, Raina is dressed all in black: turban, button-down shirt and corduroy pants. The deadpan humour he was known for still lurks in his responses. For the most part, he exudes a zen-like attitude, pausing to consider his answers while doing the media rounds to promote his coming eight-part original comedy series on Crave called Late Bloomer, premiering Friday. Continue reading.

From Aisling Murphy of the Toronto Star:

Link: Jus Reign is gone. Jasmeet Raina is here, redefining South Asian representation with Late Bloomer
Now, in 2024, Raina lives and works under his real name, his influencing career left behind in favour of more rewarding artistic pursuits like “Late Bloomer.” The show follows wannabe content creator Jasmeet Dutta — sound familiar? — as he navigates the schism between his complex family life and his dreams of making it online. Continue reading.

From Simran Singh of Daily Hive:

Link: Reinventing Jus Reign: How Jasmeet Raina blossoms in new TV series “Late Bloomer”
There’s more to Jasmeet Raina than Jus Reign. The series is a reflection of Raina’s own life experiences — the ones his fans perhaps didn’t see or fully understand when he was creating content as Jus Reign. Continue reading.


From the producers of Trailer Park Boys, the well-oiled and witty new Crave original comedy The Trades premieres March 22

From a media release:

As revealed last night during TSN and CTV’s broadcast of SUPER BOWL LVIII, Crave’s new original comedy series, THE TRADES, debuts Friday, March 22. From Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Productions Inc., the eight-part comedy series is a love letter to skilled-trade workers, written with grit, humour, and heart.

Set in a blue-collar community where the high stress of working in a refinery is balanced by the comedic high-wire antics of its plant workers, THE TRADES centres around Todd (Robb Wells), a pipefitter, and his sister and roommate, Audrey (Anastasia Phillips, MOONSHINE), who follows in her big brother’s footsteps pursuing a career in the trades as a carpenter, just like their father Rod (Patrick McKenna, THE RED GREEN SHOW). The first two episodes of THE TRADES drop on Friday, March 22, followed by two new episodes on subsequent Fridays for the duration of the run.

While Todd loves his life, he dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming site manager at Conch Industries, which isn’t too far-fetched, given the current manager Bennett’s (Tom Green, THE TOM GREEN SHOW) chaotic lifestyle. But Todd’s future, and that of the plant and the entire town, is thrown into question when Chelsea (Jennifer Spence, YOU ME HER), an ambitious young executive from head office announces she’s the new site manager, and vows to make some changes.

In the season premiere, Todd works overtime to get a new robotic welding arm up and running, to improve the refinery’s productivity. Audrey debates joining the “family business” and an incident at work opens a job in management, reigniting Todd’s leadership aspirations.

In the second episode, Todd’s crew gives him a makeover to help him dress for the job he wants. His odds at a promotion look promising, until head office sends hot-shot executive Chelsea, to the refinery. Meanwhile, Audrey potentially blows her chances at joining the trades when she tries to save her big bro from humiliation.

THE TRADES is a Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Productions Inc. co-production, in association with Bell Media’s Crave. The series is distributed by Rollercoaster Entertainment with Blink49 representing U.S. licensing. Ryan J. Lindsay is creator, writer/executive producer; Shelley Eriksen is writer/executive producer; Warren Sonoda is director; Gary Howsam is executive producer; and Jonathan A. Walker and Robb Wells are producers. John Morayniss and Virginia Rankin are executive producers for Blink49 Studios. Co-executive producers are Andrew McMichael, Angelo Paletta, Ross Mrazek, and Benjamin Rappaport. Series casting is by Marjorie Lecker; cinematographer is Jeff Wheaton; production designer is Michael Pierson; costume designer is Sarah Dunsworth-Nickerson; composer is Jonathan Goldsmith; editors are Sarah Byrne and Jeremy Harty.


From Will Arnett, Crave announces new original adult animated comedy series, Super Team Canada

From a media release:

Crave announced today a 10-episode order for the new, half-hour adult animated comedy, SUPER TEAM CANADA, its first commission of an animated series. The Crave Original series is produced in partnership with Thunderbird Entertainment’s Atomic Cartoons (Max’s YOUNG LOVE), and Will Arnett’s Electric Avenue (SNAKE OIL, TWISTED METAL), and is currently in production with a premiere set for 2025.

Created by Canadian Emmy®-winning writers, and brothers, Robert Cohen (HBO’s SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, THE BIG BANG THEORY) and Joel H. Cohen (THE SIMPSONS), the animated comedy focuses on the exploits of six, little-known Canadian superheroes trying to save the world from evil giant robots, an unemployed octopus, and needy hardware store clerks. The stakes are high for these stereotypically underdog Canadian super-unknowns, who are called in as Earth’s last resort when all the other superheroes have been destroyed.

SUPER TEAM CANADA is produced by Thunderbird Entertainment’s Atomic Cartoons, and Will Arnett’s Electric Avenue, in association with Bell Media’s Crave. Showrunner Robert Cohen serves as an executive producer along with Joel Cohen, Atomic/Thunderbird’s Jennifer Twiner McCarron, Matthew Berkowitz and Kristin Cummings, Electric Avenue’s Will Arnett and Marc Forman.

Thunderbird Distribution and Brands oversee global media and consumer products rights for the series.