Jay Baruchel returns in Season 2 of the Crave original docuseries, We’re All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel)

From a media release:

After more than two years since the series debut, Jay Baruchel is still worrying about humanity’s demise. Crave announced today that Season 2 of its award-winning original docuseries WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE (EVEN JAY BARUCHEL) premieres with all six episodes on Friday, April 19.

In the Canadian Screen Award-winning, half-hour series about the various ways the world could end, Canadian actor, director, and author Jay Baruchel (Blackberry, Goon) is once again joined by top scientists, activists, and experts to explore the global crises that could cause civilization’s demise, all while trying to find the solutions and technological innovations to potentially save the world.

With his trademark wit, relatable discomfort, and deep curiosity, Baruchel continues his journey to dig below the surface of his own anxieties and fears, exploring artificial intelligence, coronal mass ejections, insect die-offs, nanotechnology, the simulation theory, and his own personal fear of death. Episodic synopses for Season 2 are outlined below:

Episode 1 – Jay – I

  • Artificial Intelligence is here. Is it going to take over? Jay finds out how much time remains before society bows down to its robot overlords.

Episode 2 – Scary Space Shit

  • Jay is terrified of outer space. Turns out, he’s right to be afraid. From gamma bursts to coronal mass ejections, space could severely mess things up on Earth.

Episode 3 – Insect Extermination         

  • Jay learns about a terrifying, and growing, problem: insects are dying off and it’s humanity’s fault. What happens if they become extinct? Can humanity survive without bugs?

Episode 4 – Nano Nightmare

  • This tiny technology may help to solve major problems, but Jay learns that it also comes with extraordinary risks to the environment.

Episode 5 – Simulation Schimulation

  • Jay explores the idea that reality is actually a computer simulation. But, if nothing is real, then should anyone even bother trying to save the world?

Episode 6 – The End of Jays

  • In the season finale, Jay confronts the ultimate existential threat: his own doom. Can he learn to accept the uncertainty of his inevitable, but unpredictable, death?

WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE is produced by 90th Parallel Productions in partnership with Bell Media’s Crave. Directed by Jay Baruchel, produced by Stuart Henderson and Javiera Quintana, and written by Stuart Henderson, Emma Kassirer, and Kirk Ramsay. Jay Baruchel, Stuart Henderson, Gordon Henderson, and Victoria Lean are Executive Producers.


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