Links: The Trades, Season 1

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: A love letter to Canada’s blue collar workers, The Trades features a ‘diva’ raccoon and may induce a desire to do handiwork
Who says acting is just make-believe? Anastasia Phillips was so inspired by Audrey Stool, the apprentice carpenter she plays in the new Crave comedy “The Trades,” that when her dishwasher broke she took it apart and fixed it herself. Continue reading.

From Melissa Roushorne of The Sarnia Journal:

Link: Sarnia hosts star-studded premiere for ‘The Trades’
When your night starts off by the ‘Trailer Park Boys’ and ‘The Trades’ star Robb Wells asking the crowd ‘’what the **** is going on Sarnia’ you know it’s going to be a good one. Continue reading.

From Paul Morden of The Sarnia Observer:

Link: Sarnia-inspired comedy series about tradespeople hits Crave
Ryan Lindsay celebrated the arrival of his comedy series, The Trades, on television with many of the people who helped it get there during a weekend screening at Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre. Continue reading.

From Angela Gismondi of Daily Commercial News:

Link: The Trades TV show creator inspired by personal experience, his family and local tradespeople
“At family dinners we would always end up talking about my brothers’ days because of the crazy jobs, the nicknames, the rumours, just all of the humour and comedy that comes along with them working in such a hazardous environment.” Continue reading.


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