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Bell Media announces 2024/25 original programming slate

From a media release:

Bell Media announced today its lineup of English and French-language original content for 2024/25, totaling 98 titles and 839 hours of premier original programming and supported documentaries. The exciting slate celebrates homegrown stories from well-known Canadian talent and pedigreed creatives. Nearly three quarters of original programming hours are comprised of renewed fan-favourites and returning franchises, leaning heavily on proven success with audiences. The slate is set to expand with an anticipated 300 additional hours to be announced throughout the year.

Among today’s announcements:

  • Crave announces super-sized cast for its first-ever original animated series, SUPER TEAM CANADA, coming in early 2025! Will Arnett, Cobie Smulders, Kevin McDonald, Charles Demers, Brian Drummond, Ceara Morgana, and Veena Sood, star in the all-new comedy series about the exploits of six, little-known Canadian superheroes, while Jay Baruchel guest stars, and Bryan Adams performs the theme song.
  • Multilingual original programming continues to expand on Crave with new docuseries THE REBUILD: INSIDE THE MONTREAL CANADIENS, a behind-the-scenes look at the Canadiens’ 2023-2024 season, and previously announced series BON COP BAD COP and SO LONG, MARIANNE.
  • BOA, Jada Shada Hudson, Kandy Muse, Kerri Colby, Lawrence Chaney, and Luxx Noir London revealed as the international queens slaying at a Canadian winter retreat in SLAYCATION, the brand-new format developed by Bell Media and World of Wonder from the Drag Race universe and Blue Ant Studios, coming to Crave this winter.
  • Legendary comedian and actor Mark McKinney embarks on a mission to uncover Canada’s most fulfilling pastimes in new CTV Original comedy series MARK MCKINNEY NEEDS A HOBBY.
  • Newly announced Crave Originals include: from co-showrunners Sasha Leigh Henry and Tania Thompson, and executive produced by Graeme Manson, international drug trafficking drama BAD TRIPS, inspired by true events; lifestyle-reality series DRAG BRUNCH SAVED MY LIFE, starring CANADA’S DRAG RACE Season 1 winner and ETALK correspondent Priyanka; and new comedy special and accompanying documentary DARCY & JER: NO REFUNDS.
  • Following critical acclaim and ratings success, Crave renews two of its most popular comedy series, LATE BLOOMER (Season 2) and THE TRADES (Season 2).
  • After its recent Season 3 premiere, with new episodes rolling out weekly, Crave confirms its smash-hit original series SHORESY (Season 4) is set to return with six-episodes; created by and starring Jared Keeso, and produced by New Metric Media in association with Play Fun Games, Season 4 goes into production this summer.
  • More fan-favourite originals renewed include: SISTERS (Season 2); and previously announced CANADA’S DRAG RACE (Season 5) and CANADA’S DRAG RACE: CANADA VS. THE WORLD (Season 2).
  • CTV confirms new seasons of fan-favourite series THE TRAITORS CANADA (Season 2), SULLIVAN’S CROSSING (Season 3), SIGHT UNSEEN (Season 2), and BATTLE OF THE GENERATIONS (Season 2); which join the previously announced renewals of award-winning series THE AMAZING RACE CANADA (Season 10) and CHILDREN RUIN EVERYTHING (Season 4).
  • For Bell Media’s suite of Specialty Channels is new high-stakes luxury renovation unscripted original series QUEEN OF THE CASTLE with Canadian socialite Ann Kaplan Mulholland and her husband Stephen Mulholland; the haunting new original series REVIVAL, along with the return of SURREALESTATE (Season 3); and the most-watched series on CTV Comedy starring Paul Rabliauskas, ACTING GOOD (Season 3).
  • This fall, Noovo delivers fan-favourite series OCCUPATION DOUBLE MEXIQUE, while Crave has its new spinoff, OD TENTATIONS AU SOLEIL; the Québec adaptation of QUEL TALENT !; and the return of LES TRAITRES (Season 2).
  • Newly announced factual series include MY PET ATE WHAT?ROCKY MOUNTAIN WRECKERSSHIPWRECK KINGS (working title), THE LAST CAPTAINS, and TRUE CSI (working title), while fan-favourites BUSH WRECK RESCUEEAST HARBOUR HEROESHIGHWAY THRU HELLPETS & PICKERS, TIMBER TITANS, and Bell Media Studios’ FORENSIC FACTOR: A NEW ERA and THE MIGHTIEST are all set to return to Bell Media Specialty Channels with new seasons.
  • Bell Media Studios orders new seasons of CTV YOUR MORNINGTHE SOCIALETALK, and THE GOOD STUFF WITH MARY BERG.

Bell Media’s New English and French-Language Original Entertainment Production Slate Includes the Following, With Additional Titles to Be Announced. For Returning Series, Click Here.

New Series:


BAD TRIPS is a six-episode limited drama set in the epic summer of 2015 when Toronto was on the come up. Porscha, a 19-year-old aching to break free from her stifling suburban life, falls hard for a charismatic and connected young hustler who introduces her to the city’s creative players and downtown party scene, where she meets a music editor at an influential media company who offers her a free trip to Sydney, Australia and an all access pass to a world she craves to be a part of. But when the trip turns out to be a front to smuggle 81 bricks of cocaine for the cartel, Porscha is locked up in Sydney, trying to figure out how the hell she landed in prison while desperately trying to get herself out. (Blink49 Studios, Real Friends Media, The Donaldson Company, Dreamchaser Entertainment)

BON COP BAD COP – Crave *previously announced*
Drawing inspiration from the blockbuster films Bon Cop, Bad Cop 1 and 2, the series chronicles the escapades of Martin Ward and David Bouchard (portrayed by Colm Feore and Patrick Huard), who are compelled to unite once more for a police investigation set within an Indigenous community. They team up with Joe, an Indigenous officer, and Gabrielle, David’s daughter, who prove to be as unconventional as the original duo when they embark on an action-packed journey across Canada. (Attraction, Panik Fictions Inc)

DON’T EVEN – Crave *previously announced*
A Crave and APTN original series, DON’T EVEN is an urban Indigenous coming-of-age story that follows two best friends – Violet and Harley – in late ’90s Winnipeg as they grapple with their uncertain futures. After humiliation at her high school grad, Violet wants to make the most of the last summer before moving away for university, as Harley distracts herself from the big dilemma of what’s next. As the lifelong BFFs bask in newfound freedom, and face adult life choices, cracks begin to form in their once impenetrable bond. Starring Leenah Robinson, Victoria Turko, Joel Oulette, Gail Maurice, and Jennifer Podemski.  (Pier 21, Frantic Films, Sekowan Media)

DOUBLE JEU – Crave (French language, available with English subtitles) *previously announced*
Adam and Mounir, two Maghrebi actors, are offered to take part in a top-secret police mission where they will become double agents and infiltrate various criminal circles. They can’t pass up the chance to play the role of a lifetime. (KOTV)

Get ready to slay and sauté with DRAG BRUNCH SAVED MY LIFE. World renowned drag superstar Priyanka is no stranger to serving looks, delivering gorgeous vocals, and keeping the world fed with content that everyone eats right up. In a post-pandemic world where restaurants are struggling to make ends meet – Priyanka, flanked by her haute cuisine experts, event planning extraordinaires, and locally “Pri-picked queens,” embark on a mission to give restaurants a second shot by helping them stage their very own drag brunch production. (Sphere Media)

LA GUERRES DES MARIÉES – Canal Vie (French language) *previously announced*
In this competition series, each episode sees four competing couples attend each other’s weddings. Participants judge each event according to specific criteria. Everyone has a different idea of their perfect wedding day, but only one couple can win LA GUERRE DES MARIÉS and win a honeymoon under the sun. (Sphère Média)

THE LAST CAPTAINS – Bell Media Specialty Channel
THE LAST CAPTAINS is a new docuseries following generational fishing families living in a remote archipelago in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence. While the fishermen chase big catches and paydays on the water, the 400 residents in town are in the fight of their lives to stave off Mother Nature and preserve their unique community. (Big Time Decent)

MADE FOR TV WITH BOMAN MARTINEZ-REID – Crave *previously announced*
Premiering Friday, July 12 on Crave, the six-part, 30-minute scripted series created by two-time Canadian Comedy Award winning comedian Natalie Metcalfe, follows trailblazing TikTok star and Canadian content creator Boman Martinez-Reid as he tries to make the jump from social media personality to television star. Fusing elements of sitcoms, mockumentaries, and reality shows, each episode follows Martinez-Reid as he tackles a new genre of television with the help of celebrity advisors and “real” people. His journey to find his “genre” becomes both professional and personal, as he turns his failures to successes, and finds friendships in the strangest of places. (Alibi Entertainment)

MARCO LACHANCE – Noovo (French language) *previously announced*
After winning a competition in his youth, Marcho Lanchance was destined to become a big music star. Twenty-five years later, Marco has pursued another profession and finds his life to be monotonous and downright depressing. His unwavering positive nature demands that he take control of his destiny. As Marco reconnects with his passion for music, will he be able to overcome the obstacles life throws in his path? (Comediaah)

MARK MCKINNEY NEEDS A HOBBY, produced by Sphere Media, follows actor and writer Mark McKinney (SUPERSTORE, THE KIDS IN THE HALL) as he embarks on an epic quest to answer perhaps the most pressing question of our age – who are we when we’re not working? Mark travels throughout North America to meet the world’s most audacious hobbyists, and the communities of like-minded obsessives who nurture them, all to find that one, true, perfect hobby he can claim as his own. (Sphere Media)

MY DEAD MOM – Crave *previously announced*
In the seven-episode short-form comedy series, MY DEAD MOM, Emmy had a list of things she wanted to do after her mother died, like hike the Appalachian Trail, but three years later, her grief is finally catching up with her. As she questions her lipstick, and life, choices, her dead mother, Fern, pops into her life to voice her opinions and tell her red really isn’t her colour. Even death hasn’t stopped Fern from being fabulous. Emmy is trying to live her best life, but how do you let go of something that is so present? With sharp wit and aching tenderness, MY DEAD MOM explores the complicated nature of grief through mothers and daughters, and death. From creator Wendy Litner, the series stars Megan Follows and Lauren Collins. (LoCo Motion Pictures)

MY PET ATE WHAT? – Bell Media Specialty Channel
Pets will devour anything. But once down the hatch, unplanned “dinner” quickly becomes a danger, and that’s when the call goes out to Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky, AKA Dr. G, a master of non-surgical “seek and recover”. From tongs to thongs, from carpet to keys, this one-of-a-kid vet and his son, Ben, travel far and wide to pull thousands of unbelievable items out of every type of pet imaginable in this all new series from the producers of PETS & PICKERS. (Tyson Media)

OD TENTATIONS AU SOLEIL – Crave (French language) *previously announced*
OD TENTATIONS AU SOLEIL is the ultimate version of the seduction game known as OCCUPATION DOUBLE. Guys and girls with strong personalities flirt and seduce to find their ideal partner. Each episode, the bachelors test their compatibility with participants of the opposite sex through sensual challenges, passionate escapades, and spicy activities. At the end of the adventure, the couple who succeeds in convincing the other contestants of their compatibility – walks away with a cash prize. Filmed entirely in Mexico, this 8-episode series promises twists and turns, hot moments… and good old-fashioned drama! (Productions J)

THE OFFICE MOVERS – Crave *previously announced*
Starring Jae and Trey Richards, THE OFFICE MOVERS is a six-episode, half-hour comedy that follows the grim world of two underachieving, second generation immigrant brothers in the Toronto moving industry. Reluctantly following in his father’s footsteps, Everett Saunders (Jae) is the owner of Shazam Moving, an office-moving company that’s still coughing up blood after the pandemic. Working alongside his brother, Eric (Trey), and a group of employees who would not get hired anywhere else, Everett and his team are hustling hard to secure a big enough contract to get bought out by Northstar Logistics, an industry giant buying up every active moving company in the region. Up against enemy moving companies, the Saunders brothers face themselves, family, and the unforgiving nature of the Toronto office moving game to make a last ditch attempt to turn the company around. (Counterfeit Pictures)

QUEEN OF THE CASTLE – Bell Media Specialty Channel
QUEEN OF THE CASTLE takes viewers on a journey into the world of high-stakes luxury renovation as Canadian socialites Ann Kaplan Mulholland and her husband Stephen transform a thousand-year-old English castle into an extravagant retreat. With $25 million on the line, they have the daunting task of navigating construction, staffing, local skepticism, and demanding guests as old tradition meets modern chaos. (Blink49 Studios)

QUEL TALENT! – Noovo (French language) *previously announced*
QUEL TALENT! Is the only talent contest that imposes no age limits, talent restrictions, or cultural boundaries. Artists with a variety of acts, from the grandiose to the absurd, can win the hearts of a nation and of the judges, all of whom have an impressive track record. (Sphère Média)

The Montréal Canadiens played their 2023-24 season with the sole objective of re-establishing the team as an NHL powerhouse. The docu-series takes viewers up close with players, coaches, executives, and diehard Habs fans, and tells the behind-the-scenes story of a great sports organization undergoing profound change. (Fair Play)

LE RETOUR D’ANNA BRODEUR – Crave (French language, available with English subtitles) *previously announced*
After a ten-year voluntary exile in Paris, Anna Brodeur returns to Québec under exceptional circumstances. Her return causes a tidal wave of emotions among her loved ones. Neither her mother Monique, who had almost come to forget about her single daughter, nor her best friend Patrick, director of a public relations agency, nor her ex-Antoine, knew where Anna was hiding. After all those years of silence, Anna discovers that reconnecting with those around her a bit twisted and rebuilding her life isn’t as simple as she hoped. (Sphère Média)

REVIVAL – Bell Media Specialty Channel
On one miraculous day in a rural forested town, the recently deceased suddenly rise from their graves. But this is no zombie story as the “revived” appear and act just like they once were. And when local Officer and single mother Dana Cypress is unexpectedly thrown into the centre of a brutal murder mystery of her own, she is left to make sense of the chaos amidst a town gripped by fear and confusion where everyone, alive or undead, is a suspect. (Blue Ice Pictures/Hemmings House)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN WRECKERS – Specialty *previously announced*
When winter slams into the highways of the American Rockies, heavy recovery specialists from four companies race into action, working to clear wrecks and open roads. Whether it’s a raging fire or toxic spill, crews roll up ready to battle the wreckage. They’ve got the equipment and the skills.  But with more than a million people depending on the route that crosses these three states every day, the one thing they don’t have, is time. (Great Pacific Media)

SHIPWRECK KINGS (working title) – Bell Media Specialty Channel
The new docuseries SHIPWRECK KINGS (working title) follows Captain Jeff MacKinnon, a third-generation salvager, and his highly specialized team of divers, as they explore the countless shipwrecks along the “Death Coast” of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The government shut down salvaging more than 10 years ago – labeling Jeff a “pirate” and threatening his family’s legacy. After a hard battle, Captain Jeff and his salvage company have won back the exclusive right to once again traverse these dangerous waters and attempt to recover the long-lost artifacts and treasure below. (Forté Entertainment)

SLAYCATION – Crave *previously announced*
A brand-new format, developed by Bell Media, World of Wonder, and Blue Ant Studios, from the Drag Race universe, SLAYCATION is a six-part unscripted series from RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE producers World of Wonder, and Blue Ant Studios, featuring six, fabulous, larger-than-life queens from across the international DRAG RACE franchise, as they vacation together at a Canadian winter retreat. With fun activities, frivolity, and a hint of drama, their fish-out-of-water escapades culminate in a drag-tastic performance for the local community. Featuring BOA, Jada Shada Hudson, Kandy Muse, Kerri Colby, Lawrence Chaney, and Luxx Noir London. (Blue Ant Studios, World of Wonder)

SO LONG, MARIANNE – Crave *previously announced
A Crave and NRK original series, SO LONG, MARIANNE tells the legendary love story between Canadian singer and poet, Leonard Cohen, and an extraordinary Norwegian woman, Marianne Ihlen. It’s an intimate tale of two young people falling in love during a period of their life when they are trying to figure out who they are, and their place in the world, while one is becoming one of the most famous singers of all time. Starring Alex Wolff, Thea Sofie Loch Naess, Anna Torv, Noah Taylor, Peter Stormare, and Macha Grenon. (Redpoint Productions, Tanweer Productions, Connect3)

THE TEXAS CHEERLEADER MURDER PLOT – Bell Media Specialty Channel *previously announced*

THE TEXAS CHEERLEADER MURDER PLOT reveals the truth behind Wanda Holloway’s arrest in Texas in 1991 for hiring a hitman to kill her daughter’s cheerleading rival. (Cream Productions)

SUPER TEAM CANADA – Crave *previously announced*
From Will Arnett and Canadian comedy writers Robert Cohen and Joel H. Cohen, and Atomic Cartoons, Crave’s first-ever adult animated series, SUPER TEAM CANADA focuses on the exploits of six, little-known Canadian superheroes, trying to save the world from evil giant robots, an unemployed octopus, and needy hardware store clerks. The stakes are high for these stereotypically underdog Canadian super-unknowns, who are called in as Earth’s last resort when all the other superheroes have been destroyed. Starring Cobie Smulders, Kevin McDonald, Charles Demers, Brian Drummond, Ceara Morgana, and Veena Sood, with Will Arnett. Jay Baruchel and Bryan Adams, who wrote and performs the theme song, guest star. (Thunderbird Entertainment’s Atomic Cartoons, Electric Avenue)

TRUE CSI (working title) – Bell Media Specialty Channel
In a murder investigation, every item detectives come in contact with has the potential to lead them to the killer. Physical evidence allows investigators to reconstruct a crime, identify motive, or make or break an alibi, and these items are far more valuable than testimony from suspects and witnesses. TRUE CSI (working title) is a thrilling new true crime series that uses a groundbreaking visual style to tell the story of a murder investigation through the clues that caught the killer. (Cineflix Productions)

New Documentaries and Specials:

ANY OTHER WAY: THE JACKIE SHANE STORY – Crave *previously announced*
This documentary tells the tale of the extraordinary life and mysterious disappearance of pioneering soul singer and Black Transgender trailblazer, Jackie Shane. Her story is brought vibrantly to life through intimate recorded conversations with Jackie, and follows her family’s journey to discover her legacy, and the voices of those who were inspired by her tenacity to be herself. (Banger Media)

THE ART OF DANCE – Crave *previously announced*
In a world desperate for hope, THE ART OF DANCE ignites inspiration and dares us to come alive by tracing the evolutionary healing power of movement, music, culture, and community. Innovative and immersive, this cinematic documentary experience awakens our souls, through the beauty and courage of some of the world’s most celebrated dancers on a journey of connection. (Hip Hop Films)

AUDIOPHILIA – ADVENTURES IN THE WORLD OF HI-FI – Crave *previously announced*
From director Ron Mann, AUDIOPHILIA – ADVENTURES IN THE WORLD OF HI-FI is the story about the love of listening to music on the world’s best stereo equipment. The film profiles the inventors, designers, and major-league audiophiles, engaged in the never-ending quest to find audio nirvana. The film is a deep dive into the subculture of sonic obsessives around the world who seek out esoteric electronics that are often visually stunning, and turn their homes into audio sanctuaries. (Sphinx Productions)

BAM BAM: THE SISTER NANCY STORY – Crave *previously announced*
BAM BAM: THE SISTER NANCY STORY chronicles the meteoric rise of the reggae anthem “Bam Bam” and its status as the most sampled reggae vocal ever. Sister Nancy’s journey is marked by the discovery of a deception regarding her royalties, yet she remains undeterred in the face of adversity. Despite industry challenges, she continues to tour, spreading joy through her music to packed audiences. Interviews with industry figures like Janelle Monáe, Young Guru, and Pete Rock offer insight into Sister Nancy’s lasting impact on reggae and hip hop. This fun and entertaining documentary celebrates Sister Nancy’s resilience and unwavering passion for performance, proving that good music transcends obstacles and endures. (Oya Media Group)

BEAUTY KINGS – Crave *previously announced*
Bodybuilding, spray-on abs and gender politics: welcome to the world of BEAUTY KINGS, a documentary exploring the transitioning nature of masculinity through the lives of men from different countries as they compete in a leading international male beauty pageant. Directed by Garry Tutte. Supervising Producer Sarah Fodey, Consulting Producers Evan Wexler and Sarah Sahaigan. Featuring Frankie Cena. (Morro Creative)

THE BONES – Crave *previously announced*
THE BONES traverses the globe alongside paleontologists on a quest to unearth dinosaur fossils that may hold the key to save humanity from extinction. It’s a race against time before the bones disappear into the hands of fossil dealers, who stand to make millions by selling them on the open market. A cinematic adventure that reaches from the Mongolian Gobi Desert to the floor of a Paris auction house, THE BONES exposes the clash between science, post-colonial reckoning, and hard-headed capitalism. (Intuitive Pictures Inc.)

After 50,000 seats sold across North America, Darcy & Jer are filming their hit show, No Refunds! This married, queer couple have created a duo stand up show like no other. Celebrating and hilariously skewering themselves, relationships, parenting, aging, and of course tackling mental health – Darcy and Jer have brilliantly taken their viral videos with over a billion views and turned their act into a 90-minute joy ride for fans. (Busy Donkey Ltd, Counterfeit Pictures Production)

ÊTRE UN HILTON – Crave (French language, available with English subtitles) *previously announced*
In the Hilton family, boxing is handed down from father to son. Father Hilton has an iron grip on his sons, Alex, Dave, and Mathew. Marie-Claude Savard contacts Alex, who hasn’t been interviewed in 20 years. She discovers the father’s influence and, with Alex, traces the passage of time; how did these boxing stars fall from grace? (Production Déferlentes)

GAI(E), TU NE SERAS PONT – Crave (French language) *previously announced*
Through the shocking stories of victims who have had to rebuild their lives after undergoing one or more conversion therapies, the documentary exposes the outlawed and archaic methods used to suppress difference. In certain religious communities or even within certain families, practices such as prayer, fasting, exorcism sessions, humiliation, and more are still used in an attempt to “cure” homosexuality or trans-identity. (Attraction)

LES GARS FAUT QU’ON SE PARLE ! – Crave (French language)
LES GARS FAUT QU’ON SE PARLE ! explores mental health issues affecting men and challenges societal taboos. Hosted by Jean-Nicolas Verreault, the documentary aims to understand men’s needs and why they hesitate to seek help. Through interviews with colleagues, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and experts, the film seeks solutions to address men’s emotional well-being. (Trinome et filles)

MODERN WHORE – Crave *previously announced*
From director Nicole Bazuin, MODERN WHORE is a hybrid documentary that reimagines popular depictions of sex work through the lived experiences of writer, performer, and sex worker, Andrea Werhun. Based on her memoir Modern Whore, Andrea grapples with social stigma and reclaims her narrative in a series of funny, heartbreaking, and surprising stories. Directed by Nicole Bazuin and Produced by Lauren Grant, Nicole Bazuin and Andrea Werhun. (Clique Pictures, Virgin Twins)

POSTNATURAL – Crave *previously announced*
POSTNATURAL is a provocative feature documentary that travels to the freaky frontiers of a new synthetic biological age. Has “nature” ceased to exist? Mingling pop culture with science and humour with horror, this visually inventive film follows Richard Pell, founder of the world’s first Center for PostNatural History, and meets the visionary scientists, artists, and storytellers who are engineering new life forms and imagining a science-fictional future that few of us can fathom. Directed by Brett Story and co-directed Ben Travers, POSTNATURAL is a timely epic that explores our nostalgia for a world that was, while also finding beauty, possibility, and risk in the weird world that could be. Produced by Stuart Henderson. (90th Parallel Productions)

RESIDENT ORCA – Crave *previously announced*
RESIDENT ORCA tells the unfolding story of a captive whale’s fight for survival and freedom. After decades of failed attempts to bring her home, an unlikely partnership between Indigenous matriarchs, a billionaire philanthropist, killer whale experts, and the aquarium’s new owner take on the impossible task of freeing Lolita, captured 53 years ago as a baby, only to spend the rest of her life performing in the smallest killer whale tank in North America. When Lolita falls ill under troubling circumstances, her advocates are faced with a painful question: is it too late to save her? (Everyday Films)

RUSSELL PETERS – Crave *previously announced*
The RUSSELL PETERS documentary tells the story of his humble and adversarial beginnings in Brampton Ontario, to his current standing today as one of the world’s top international comedians. Directed by Thyrone Tommy (Learn to Swim), and executive producers are Randy Lennox and Kevin Barton. (Loft Entertainment)

SAINTE-JUSTINE : SALLE D’OPERATION – Crave (French language) *previously announced*
This docu-series follows healthcare staff as they accompany young patients on their journey to surgery. SAINTE-JUSTINE EN SALLE D’OP is above all a human and moving series. Although it takes place in a cutting-edge medical environment, it is the human stories that are at its heart. The anxiety of parents on the eve of a major operation, the tension of the emergency room team, and the pre- and post-operative elements will give viewers a sense of what it’s like to live through these experiences. Welcome to the operating room! (Attraction)

SINGHS IN THE RING – Crave *previously announced*
SINGHS IN THE RING is a feature documentary based on the wildly colourful, outrageously animated, pile-driving phenomenon of the Singh wrestling dynasty. Follow the clock goes back to the infectiously fun 1970s era wrestling and the emergence of a Punjabi immigrant now known as the legendary Gama Singh of Stampede Wrestling, and witness the continuation of that professional wrestling lineage in current day with Gama’s son, Raj. (Fennessey Films & Score G Productions)

SMOKE & GIFTS: IT’S ALL GOING TO BREAK – Crave *previously announced*
Filmmaker Stephen Chung pulls back the curtain on the Toronto indie music scene through his relationship with his friends in the trailblazing band, Broken Social Scene. This unconventional POV documentary features Chung’s never-before-seen archival footage capturing a creatively rich era in Toronto and paying tribute to the power of indie music, friendship, and the artists who started out in Toronto bars before rocketing to global fame. (Fathom Film Group)

WILFRED BUCK – Crave *previously announced*
WILFRED BUCK is a hybrid feature documentary focusing on a Cree elder and Indigenous star knowledge keeper. Weaving together his harrowing past and his present life with sky stories, this cinematic film explores colonization’s attempts to extinguish Indigenous ways of knowing, the values of interrelationship that shape Indigenous science, and how this worldview paves a healthier path forward for us and our planet. Directed by Lisa Jackson. Producers are Lisa Jackson, Alicia Smith, and Lauren Grant. Executive producers are David Christensen, Nichola


Links: The Trades, Season 1

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: A love letter to Canada’s blue collar workers, The Trades features a ‘diva’ raccoon and may induce a desire to do handiwork
Who says acting is just make-believe? Anastasia Phillips was so inspired by Audrey Stool, the apprentice carpenter she plays in the new Crave comedy “The Trades,” that when her dishwasher broke she took it apart and fixed it herself. Continue reading.

From Melissa Roushorne of The Sarnia Journal:

Link: Sarnia hosts star-studded premiere for ‘The Trades’
When your night starts off by the ‘Trailer Park Boys’ and ‘The Trades’ star Robb Wells asking the crowd ‘’what the **** is going on Sarnia’ you know it’s going to be a good one. Continue reading.

From Paul Morden of The Sarnia Observer:

Link: Sarnia-inspired comedy series about tradespeople hits Crave
Ryan Lindsay celebrated the arrival of his comedy series, The Trades, on television with many of the people who helped it get there during a weekend screening at Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre. Continue reading.

From Angela Gismondi of Daily Commercial News:

Link: The Trades TV show creator inspired by personal experience, his family and local tradespeople
“At family dinners we would always end up talking about my brothers’ days because of the crazy jobs, the nicknames, the rumours, just all of the humour and comedy that comes along with them working in such a hazardous environment.” Continue reading.


From the producers of Trailer Park Boys, the well-oiled and witty new Crave original comedy The Trades premieres March 22

From a media release:

As revealed last night during TSN and CTV’s broadcast of SUPER BOWL LVIII, Crave’s new original comedy series, THE TRADES, debuts Friday, March 22. From Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Productions Inc., the eight-part comedy series is a love letter to skilled-trade workers, written with grit, humour, and heart.

Set in a blue-collar community where the high stress of working in a refinery is balanced by the comedic high-wire antics of its plant workers, THE TRADES centres around Todd (Robb Wells), a pipefitter, and his sister and roommate, Audrey (Anastasia Phillips, MOONSHINE), who follows in her big brother’s footsteps pursuing a career in the trades as a carpenter, just like their father Rod (Patrick McKenna, THE RED GREEN SHOW). The first two episodes of THE TRADES drop on Friday, March 22, followed by two new episodes on subsequent Fridays for the duration of the run.

While Todd loves his life, he dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming site manager at Conch Industries, which isn’t too far-fetched, given the current manager Bennett’s (Tom Green, THE TOM GREEN SHOW) chaotic lifestyle. But Todd’s future, and that of the plant and the entire town, is thrown into question when Chelsea (Jennifer Spence, YOU ME HER), an ambitious young executive from head office announces she’s the new site manager, and vows to make some changes.

In the season premiere, Todd works overtime to get a new robotic welding arm up and running, to improve the refinery’s productivity. Audrey debates joining the “family business” and an incident at work opens a job in management, reigniting Todd’s leadership aspirations.

In the second episode, Todd’s crew gives him a makeover to help him dress for the job he wants. His odds at a promotion look promising, until head office sends hot-shot executive Chelsea, to the refinery. Meanwhile, Audrey potentially blows her chances at joining the trades when she tries to save her big bro from humiliation.

THE TRADES is a Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Productions Inc. co-production, in association with Bell Media’s Crave. The series is distributed by Rollercoaster Entertainment with Blink49 representing U.S. licensing. Ryan J. Lindsay is creator, writer/executive producer; Shelley Eriksen is writer/executive producer; Warren Sonoda is director; Gary Howsam is executive producer; and Jonathan A. Walker and Robb Wells are producers. John Morayniss and Virginia Rankin are executive producers for Blink49 Studios. Co-executive producers are Andrew McMichael, Angelo Paletta, Ross Mrazek, and Benjamin Rappaport. Series casting is by Marjorie Lecker; cinematographer is Jeff Wheaton; production designer is Michael Pierson; costume designer is Sarah Dunsworth-Nickerson; composer is Jonathan Goldsmith; editors are Sarah Byrne and Jeremy Harty.


Production underway on the all-new Crave original comedy, The Trades

From a media release:

Crave, in association with Rollercoaster Entertainment and Blink49 Studios, announced today that production is underway in Nova Scotia on the Crave Original comedy series, THE TRADES. From the producers of TRAILER PARK BOYS, THE TRADES is an eight-part, 30-minute, comedy set in a working-class community, where the stress and high risks of working in a refinery are balanced by the comedic, high-wire antics of the plant workers. The series will be available in English and French.

“From the moment I first read the pilot two years ago, I was immediately drawn to Ryan J. Lindsay’s vision for the series,” said Robb Wells, star and producer, THE TRADES. “I love all of the colourful characters, the backdrop, and especially, the different types of humour associated with each trade. It’s amazing to see the team come together, including an unbelievably talented cast and crew. It’s going to be so much fun, and I am very excited.”

THE TRADES centres around Todd Stool (Robb Wells, TRAILER PARK BOYS), a pipefitter who is proud of his working-class background, and collection of big boy toys. His sister, and roommate, Audrey (Anastasia Phillips, MOONSHINE), decides to follow in her big brother’s footsteps and pursue a career in the trades as a carpenter, just like their father Rod (Patrick McKenna, THE RED GREEN SHOW). While Todd loves his life, he dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming site manager at Conch Industries – which isn’t so far-fetched, given the current site manager Bennett’s, (Tom Green, THE TOM GREEN SHOW) lifestyle. But Todd’s future, that of the plant—and the town, are thrown into question when Chelsea (Jennifer Spence, YOU ME HER), an ambitious young executive sent from head office, announces she is the new site manager, and vows to make some changes.

Rounding out Todd’s rag-tag crew are: Jimi (Enrico Colantoni, VERONICA MARS); Dewey (Jason Daley, TRAILER PARK BOYS); Homer (Jesse Camacho, LOCKE & KEY); Backwoods (Daniel Petronijevic, LETTERKENNY); Taser (Brandon Oakes, DIGGSTOWN); Medhi, the Chief Engineer (Raoul Bhaneja, BLINDSPOT); and Steph the Safety Chick (Susan Kent, THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES). Together, they balance the high risks of working in an oil refinery with bawdy nicknames, elaborate pranks, and jokes to amuse and enrage one another – but must work together if they want to save their livelihood and protect their community.

THE TRADES is co-produced by Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Inc. in association with Bell Media’s Crave, with the participation of the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund, and the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and Ontario Creates. The series is distributed by Rollercoaster Entertainment and Blink49 is the exclusive U.S. sales agent. Ryan J. Lindsay is creator, writer, and executive producer; Shelley Eriksen is writer and executive producer; Warren Sonoda is director; Gary Howsam is executive producer; and Jonathan A. Walker and Robb Wells are producers. John Morayniss and Virginia Rankin are executive producers for Blink49 Studios. Co-executive producers are Andrew McMichael, Angelo Paletta, Ross Mrazek, and Ben Rappaport.