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Production underway on the all-new Crave original comedy, The Trades

From a media release:

Crave, in association with Rollercoaster Entertainment and Blink49 Studios, announced today that production is underway in Nova Scotia on the Crave Original comedy series, THE TRADES. From the producers of TRAILER PARK BOYS, THE TRADES is an eight-part, 30-minute, comedy set in a working-class community, where the stress and high risks of working in a refinery are balanced by the comedic, high-wire antics of the plant workers. The series will be available in English and French.

“From the moment I first read the pilot two years ago, I was immediately drawn to Ryan J. Lindsay’s vision for the series,” said Robb Wells, star and producer, THE TRADES. “I love all of the colourful characters, the backdrop, and especially, the different types of humour associated with each trade. It’s amazing to see the team come together, including an unbelievably talented cast and crew. It’s going to be so much fun, and I am very excited.”

THE TRADES centres around Todd Stool (Robb Wells, TRAILER PARK BOYS), a pipefitter who is proud of his working-class background, and collection of big boy toys. His sister, and roommate, Audrey (Anastasia Phillips, MOONSHINE), decides to follow in her big brother’s footsteps and pursue a career in the trades as a carpenter, just like their father Rod (Patrick McKenna, THE RED GREEN SHOW). While Todd loves his life, he dreams of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming site manager at Conch Industries – which isn’t so far-fetched, given the current site manager Bennett’s, (Tom Green, THE TOM GREEN SHOW) lifestyle. But Todd’s future, that of the plant—and the town, are thrown into question when Chelsea (Jennifer Spence, YOU ME HER), an ambitious young executive sent from head office, announces she is the new site manager, and vows to make some changes.

Rounding out Todd’s rag-tag crew are: Jimi (Enrico Colantoni, VERONICA MARS); Dewey (Jason Daley, TRAILER PARK BOYS); Homer (Jesse Camacho, LOCKE & KEY); Backwoods (Daniel Petronijevic, LETTERKENNY); Taser (Brandon Oakes, DIGGSTOWN); Medhi, the Chief Engineer (Raoul Bhaneja, BLINDSPOT); and Steph the Safety Chick (Susan Kent, THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES). Together, they balance the high risks of working in an oil refinery with bawdy nicknames, elaborate pranks, and jokes to amuse and enrage one another – but must work together if they want to save their livelihood and protect their community.

THE TRADES is co-produced by Trailer Park Boys Inc. and Kontent House Inc. in association with Bell Media’s Crave, with the participation of the Nova Scotia Film & Television Production Incentive Fund, and the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and Ontario Creates. The series is distributed by Rollercoaster Entertainment and Blink49 is the exclusive U.S. sales agent. Ryan J. Lindsay is creator, writer, and executive producer; Shelley Eriksen is writer and executive producer; Warren Sonoda is director; Gary Howsam is executive producer; and Jonathan A. Walker and Robb Wells are producers. John Morayniss and Virginia Rankin are executive producers for Blink49 Studios. Co-executive producers are Andrew McMichael, Angelo Paletta, Ross Mrazek, and Ben Rappaport.


19-2 closes out Season 3 with conflict and a cliffhanger

Season 3 of 19-2 has been energetic, dramatic and harrowing. There’s been an awful lot of the third thanks to Amelie’s exit, Tyler’s alcoholism, Audrey’s anger-filled past, Isabelle’s transfer and J.M.’s assaults on Justine.

Last Monday’s episode, “Gone,” culminated in a rift between Ben and Nick, with the former announcing to the latter he was transferring to the SQ in Morin Heights to escape the 19. We also know that, because Frank has agreed to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter rather than murder, Ben is looking to dole out his own frontier justice. Will 19-2‘s by-the-book cop put his career on the line to avenge Amelie’s death?

Here’s what Bravo’s official episode synopsis says about “Water,” the Season 3 finale:

Denied justice, Ben sees an opportunity to take his own revenge. Watching Ben spiral out of control, Nick makes a desperate attempt the save his partner. As her case against Ciarelli falls apart, Elise takes extraordinary measures. Nick and Ben confront each other over what they’ve done, and discover the truth of what happened to the woman they loved.

And here’s what we can tell you after watching the episode.


Ben’s gamble
The above image shows just how desperate Ben is to get all the information he can on Frank. Skulking around in the shadows? That’s not the Ben Chartier we’ve been cheering for three seasons. Seeing him like this left an awful feeling in our stomachs, and—sorry 19-2 fans—there’s no light at the end of this tunnel.

The Ciarelli case goes in another direction
An extreme act by Charlie Figo has Elise flummoxed, and—after what happened to Amelie and Martine—reconsidering the actions she’s taken to try to have Ciarelli incarcerated … and what line she’ll cross to make things right.

Isabelle returns
Maxim Roy teased Isabelle would re-appear in Episode 10, and she wasn’t kidding. We can’t say anything regarding the circumstances, but it’s a big deal.

The cast brings their A-game
19-2‘s cast is simply incredible week to week, but the season finale offers truly gifted scenes. Jared Keeso puts in a standout performance not only in the spots where he has lines, but those ones when nothing is said. Ditto for Dan Petronijevic, who deserves a damned Canadian Screen Award for his portrayal of J.M. not only for the finale, but for this season overall.

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