Links: Bria Mack Gets a Life, Season 1

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Preview: There’s plenty to love with Bria Mack Gets a Life
Credit creator-director-writer Sasha Leigh Henry with busting down a stereotypical wall or two with Bria Mack. Like her main character, Henry is a Black Canadian who survived a University of Waterloo education. Her credits include a stint as story editor on Workin’ Moms as well as accolades at the Toronto International Film Festival for an earlier incarnation of Bria Mack. Continue reading.

From Sabina Wex of CBC Arts:

Link: Bria Mack Gets a Life turns the awkwardness of young adulthood into comedy gold
“It felt like the female ensemble, female Black comedy lead was missing. I thought we could use that in Canada. I had this idea of a woman who, on her first day on the job, experiences someone trying to touch her hair. Instead of seeing the shitty, poorly handled HR meeting, where nothing really happens, what if we go with her and her brain to where she actually wants to go and how she would want to react? And we get to play that out.” Continue reading.

From Elisabetta Bianchini of Yahoo! News:

Link: ‘Bria Mack Gets A Life’ doesn’t shy away from specifics, and will ‘up the ante’ for comedy
In a world with countless streaming TV shows at our fingertips, a series that actually stands out for being funny, compelling, with a truly entertaining script, is a big deal. For Canadians, that show is Bria Mack Gets A Life on Crave, created by Sasha Leigh Henry, starring Malaika Hennie-Hamadi and Hannan Younis. Continue reading.

From Courtney Small of That Shelf:

Link: Interview: Sasha Leigh Henry on Bria Mack Gets A Life
“It might be cheesy to say, but I don’t think I picked comedy, so much as comedy picked me. The things my family liked to watch when I was growing up, and resonated with, were often comedic.” Continue reading.

From Annemarie Cutruzzola of She Does The City:

Link: Bria Mack Gets a Life: A Chaotic New Comedy from Sasha Leigh Henry
Bria Mack Gets a Life is a show for the burnt-out post-secondary grads, for the cuspies (those straddling the line between Gen Z and Millenial) and for anyone who copes with microaggressions by daydreaming about the ultimate comeback. Continue reading.

From Kevin Bourne of Shifter:

Link: Bria Mack Gets a Life is funny, well-written and pretty much perfect
Since the success of Kim’s Convenience, some have wondered when Caribbean people would get a comedy series of our own. Well, that day is just around the corner with the upcoming Crave Original Series Bria Mack Gets A Life, a coming-of-age comedy about a young Black woman’s transition from college student to adulthood. Continue reading.