Links: Allegiance, Season 1

From M.L. Witkowicz of Broadview:

Link: New police drama ‘Allegiance’ explores how injustice can make you rethink your identity
On its surface, Allegiance, which premiered on Feb. 7, is a gripping, fast-paced crime drama. As the show progresses, Allegiance delves into the Sikh Punjabi community in the heart of Surrey, portraying the experiences of a South Asian woman and her family as they navigate issues of identity, belonging and the complexities of the justice system. Continue reading.

From Aparita Bhandari of The Globe & Mail:

Link: Supinder Wraich’s new CBC series, Allegiance, explores family bonds and the badge
“There’s something about this relationship between the father and daughter. This is a family who’s been in service for generations. I thought that was really cool. Because I have never seen Sikh Punjabi history on screen, forget the fact that I have never seen a family like this, right?” Continue reading.

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: ‘Make more room at the table’: Calgary writer deepens immigrant story with cop drama, Allegiance
Anar Ali thinks she can pinpoint the moment when her mother got over her uneasiness about her daughter becoming a writer. Continue reading.

From Kate MacDonald of That Shelf:

Link: Allegiance Review: A Proudly Canadian Police Procedural
Allegiance, the new series premiering on CBC and CBC Gem, takes that foundation and expands it into something even greater by introducing fresh perspectives on the justice system. Continue reading.

From Alex Nino Gheciu of The Canadian Press:

Link: Wraich, Colantoni on breaking cop show tropes with Surrey-set drama ‘Allegiance’
Supinder Wraich says starring in CBC’s new police drama “Allegiance” feels personal on several levels. Continue reading.


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