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From Bill Brioux of

Link: T.O. looks so good it is almost criminal in Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent
The city gets plenty of face time on Thursday night’s premiere episode of Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent. You see the main detectives played by Canadian-Australian actor Aden Young and Karen Munroe, rush walk-and-talk past the bright Toronto sign in front of City Hall. Restaurants and other landmarks are also in view. Two extras playing homeless men are glimpsed in one shot on a sidewalk in a nod to the fact that this isn’t Toronto the Good anymore. Continue reading.

From Teghan Beaudette of CBC:

Link: With Law & Order spinoff, Toronto finally gets its big break — as itself
Executive producer Erin Haskett says the show has been in the works for years, but it took some convincing that it could be done on budget with Canadian talent. Rogers calls the show its “biggest investment in Canadian original programming” to date. Continue reading.

From Amber Dowling of Variety:

Link: ‘Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent’ Offers Compelling Canadian Spin to Familiar Franchise: TV Review
“Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent” may be the biggest original TV series premiere Canada has ever had. That means, when that famous “dun-dun” opens the series on Feb. 22 via Citytv, the pressure is on. Continue reading.

From The Canadian Press:

Link: Cast and crew of ‘Law & Order Toronto’ on fervent first reactions to the spinoff
Few TV franchises are as cherished as “Law & Order,” and the stars of its new Canadian spinoff learned of its deep resonance firsthand when they were cast on the Toronto-based show. Continue reading.

From Johanna Schneller of The Globe & Mail:

Link: Toronto is getting its own Law & Order with tales ripped from the headlines
But in this police station, the wall map is of Toronto, and the name drops are unabashedly 416: Cherry Beach, Bay Street, the Rosedale ravine, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Episode 1 begins with a beauty shot of the skyline from Lake Ontario; a scene card reads SINGH FABRICS, GERRARD STREET EAST; an outdoor walk-and-talk moves from new to Old City Hall. Continue reading.

From David Friend of The Canadian Press:

Link: With ‘Law & Order Toronto,’ the pressure looming over the show’s creators is immense
Nobody wants to be the person who mucked up the “Law & Order” franchise. It’s a fear that’s haunted veteran procedural writer Tassie Cameron since she embarked on the most daunting responsibility of her career: turning Dick Wolf’s beloved legal drama into the new spinoff “Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent.” Continue reading.

From Elisabetta Bianchini of Yahoo! News Canada:

Link: ‘Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent’ scripts are so gripping, the cast couldn’t put them down
“We spent more time together over four months than I’ve spent with most human beings over the course of many, many years. We were working together every day on the show, and so the dynamic of two people who were really kind of in the thick of it, working through some stuff like that, that all felt very real.” Continue reading.

From Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald:

Link: Alberta expat lands major role in Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent
Not long after graduating from the University of Calgary’s theatre program, actress Karen Robinson would watch the seminal police procedural Law & Order every week, often challenging herself to guess who the culprit might be before it was revealed. Continue reading.


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