Everything about Canada’s Next Top Model, eh?

New tonight: Canada’s Next Top Model season finale

Tuesday, July 14

8 p.m. – CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL – “Rockin’ The Runway” – SEASON FINALE

It all comes down to this. The top three dive into a high-stakes cover-try photo shoot for Fashion Magazine. The best two advance and continue to compete – and the worst goes home in a mid-show elimination. The final two models then enter the final challenge of the competition – a walk-off in a heel-to-heel runway fashion show. In the end, only one will be named CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.


Maryam out of Canada’s Next Top Model

From a media release:

Maryam Moves On and it’s Down to the Top Three on CTV’s CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL

  • Alberta and Manitoba claim top three finalists
  • Catch encore presentations on Star!/FT, MTV, and ‘A’
  • The CNTM finale airs on Tuesday, July 14 at 8 p.m. ET

maryam copy(2)After a challenging week of drama, ripped dresses, tears, and bickering, Maryam was cut loose on tonight’s CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL on CTV, leaving the top three competitors to model-it-out in next week’s season finale. The journey has been difficult for Maryam who struggled with a language barrier and passport issues throughout the competition. And while she was disappointed not to be CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, she wasn’t devastated and she’s not giving up. “I really wanted to win this, but I also really wanted to have the experience too,” Maryam said on her departure. “It’s not like this was the only way that I could go. I have a scholarship; my average was ‘A’ in school. I guess I’m going to go back to school and I’ll send my portfolio to the agency and see what happens.”

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