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Olympia Dukakis stars in OUTtv’s Sex & Violence

From a media release:

OUTtv has Sex & Violence

  • Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis Stars in and Executive Produces this original miniseries

OUTtv premiered Sex & Violence, its first original Canadian mini-series, this past Sunday night. The series stars Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck, Tales of the City), Gemini winners Jennie Raymond (The Associates) and Jackie Torrens (Made in Canada), Kerry Fox (Shallow Grave, An Angel at My Table), along with Canadian Idol alum Naomi-Joy Blackhall.

The gritty and graphic series looks at the lives of professionals who work in the aftermath of domestic violence: a social worker, a victim advocate, a prosecutor, a police officer, and a therapist. The show chronicles their struggles to maintain healthy, intimate personal relationships while working daily with people caught in violent and dysfunctional lives.

Sex & Violence highlights OUTtv’s commitment to Canadian television production. “As an independent Canadian channel, we’re delighted to be working with the multi-talented Thom Fitzgerald,” said OUTtv COO Brad Danks. “And it’s a thrill to have Academy Award® winner Olympia Dukakis involved both as the star and Executive Producer. At 82, she proves that there are still strong roles for women in television.”

Thom Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden, Cloudburst) wrote and directed the six-hour Nova Scotia-based production. Sex & Violence is produced by Halifax’s Emotion Pictures. Film and Cultural Industries Nova Scotia and the Eastlink TV Independent Production Fund also financed Sex & Violence.

Encore of episode 1 airs on Friday, Nov. 22, at 10pm ET/10pm PT. New episodes Sundays at 9pm ET / 10 pm ET.


Super Duper Deelia in development


  • New half-hour live action series for girls from the mind of Supergirl

Leading producer and distributor Shaftesbury today announced that it has partnered with actor, writer and producer Laura Vandervoort (Bitten; Smallville) on Super Duper Deelia, a new series for girls created by Vandervoort and targeted to girls aged six to 12. Produced by Shaftesbury in association with John May and Suzanne Bolch of Heroic Television (How to be Indie; Connor Undercover), the half-hour live action series follows the adventures of a young girl who discovers she has superpowers on her 10th birthday.

“I was a tomboy growing up, and didn’t like princesses, ponies or pink,” said Vandervoort. “There weren’t any television series that I wanted to watch growing up. With my Supergirl background and fan base, I thought it would be great to develop a series that speaks to girls like me.”

“Super Duper Deelia is about embracing your individuality and learning how to be yourself in the world,” said Christina Jennings, Chairman and CEO, Shaftesbury. “Laura has created a unique and empowering character for girls in Deelia, who struggles with how best to use the superpowers she suddenly inherits on her 10th birthday. Luckily she has a great group of friends, a wise grandmother and a talking dog to confide in.”

Deelia has always been super – a super friend, a super creator of the most original outfits and a super human to her dog. But on her 10th birthday, she discovers that she’s not just super in a regular way – she has actual real powers. The big question: what to do with them? Deelia wants to use them to change things for the better, but her ideas of how to do that don’t always work out the way she hopes. Luckily, she’s not out there super-heroing it on her own. Deelia comes from a long line of super women including her grandmother, who has plenty of good advice to share. Plus Deelia’s dog, Shadow, is not just a loveable mutt. He’s also her very own sidekick with powers of his own, including the ability to talk. Super Duper Deelia is a series about the fun, challenges and temptations of growing up super – and discovering that the ultimate power is actually the ability to think differently.

The star of the highly anticipated new Space and Syfy series Bitten, Laura Vandervoort is a Canadian actor, writer and producer best known for her iconic role as Kara (Supergirl) in The CW’s global hit series Smallville. Vandervoort launched her career at a young age in popular kids’ series Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark? before going on to star in such series as Instant Star and V and feature films including The Entitled, This Means War and Ted.

Super Duper Deelia is created by Laura Vandervoort and executive produced by Vandervoort, Christina Jennings, John May and Suzanne Bolch.


Grojband premieres September 5 on Teletoon

From a media release:

Grojband Rocks the TELETOON Lineup this Fall

  • Canadian premiere of this TELETOON Original Series airs Thursday, September 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT

What do you get when you combine wicked tunes, over-the-top teen angst and epic sibling rivalry? Grojband, a brand new TELETOON Original Series premiering on Thursday, September 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT, during the Can’t Miss Thursdays programming block.


In this half-hour series, 12-year-old Corey Riffin starts a garage band with his three best friends and quickly realizes that their band sucks – like, a lot. It’s not their music or ever-changing image that’s the problem. It’s Corey’s lack of lyrics. He just can’t think of anything cool to write about, until Core finds his older sister Trina’s diary, which is full of teen angst. Corey and the band “secretly” use her latest diary entry as lyrics to their new tune and the result is pure awesomeness. The only problem is that Trina’s a total witch and can’t stand the thought of her little brother’s garbage band becoming more popular than her. But luckily Corey always knows just what to do to drive Trina to her diary and give the band the one thing they’re missing … words.

Produced for TELETOON by Fresh TV Inc., in association with FremantleMedia Kids and Family Entertainment, Grojband is created by Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton. Executive Producers are Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, George Elliott and Brian Irving. Executive Producers for FremantleMedia Kids and Family Entertainment are Bob Higgins and Sander Schwartz.

New episodes of Grojband will continue to air every Thursday at 7 p.m. ET/PT throughout the fall as part of TELETOON’s Can’t Miss Thursdays programming block.

Viewers nationwide can tune in to Grojband during TELETOON’s free preview from August 15 to September 30, 2013. For more information on the free preview please visit teletoon.com or contact your television service provider.


Slings & Arrows a “triumph”

From Martin Chilton of the Telegraph:

Slings & Arrows: so good it gave David Simon writer-envy
There are certain TV box sets I would wholeheartedly recommend: The Sopranos, The Wire, Tremé, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Deadwood – and Slings & Arrows, which began filming a decade ago, has the same level of powerful writing, fine acting and creative originality. I stumbled on it by chance, after reading a quote from Wire creator David Simon, who said: “There’s a wonderful Canadian show called Slings & Arrows, about a Shakespearean theatre company, that was so clever it left me with pure, distilled writer-envy.” Continue reading.