Everything about The Imperfects, eh?

Links: The Imperfects, Season 1

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Dennis Heaton talks The Imperfects
“The Imperfects grew out of this dinner conversation where we were riffing on what we liked about mad scientist stories and what we didn’t like.” Continue reading.

From Staff of The Collegiate:

Link: A perfectly imperfect wild ride: A review of Netflix’s “The Imperfects”
The humour is top notch and the acting is phenomenal. Though if I had one complaint it’s the fact that two minor characters by the name of Doug and Owen weren’t used to their full potential. Continue reading.

From Kimberley Spinney of Culturess:

Link: The Imperfects costume designer Rafaella Rabinovich talks about the show’s looks and her inspiration
“I’m a super visual person, so I make really elaborate mood boards and I sketch a lot as well to kind of define what it is that we’re looking at and understanding the color palette, so that is the first step.” Continue reading.

From Rya Shulka of The United Business Journal:

Link: The Imperfects on Netflix has a lot to unpack
There are many shocks in the finale of the Netflix original series The Imperfects, leaving fans to wonder if there will be a second season. Continue reading.


Link: Italia Ricci to star in Netflix sci-fi series ‘The Imperfects’ From Nomadic Pictures

From Denise Petski of Deadline:

Link: Italia Ricci to star in Netflix sci-fi series ‘The Imperfects’ From Nomadic Pictures
Netflix has given a 10-episode straight-to-series order to sci-fi drama The Imperfects, starring Italia Ricci (Designated Survivor, Chasing Life), from The Order‘s Dennis Heaton, Shelley Eriksen and Nomadic Pictures. Continue reading.