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Podcast: Best Episode Ever, Season 7, Episode 9

I don’t just love Canadian TV. As a child of the 1970s and 80s, television was my babysitter, whether I was tuning in to Sesame Street and The Polka Dot Door or—during my formative years—checking out The Incredible Hulk, The A-Team, Magnum PI, Mork & Mindy, Three’s Company and Happy Days.

So it was a real treat to be asked to guest star on the Best Episode Ever podcast this week. Anthony Marco, Bob Goyetche and Dave Brodbeck get together (almost) every week to chat about three television series from the past. The discussions are informative and darned entertaining, and I was honoured to be asked on to discuss Simon & Simon. The full podcast can be found here for your streaming pleasure. Past instalments of Best Episode Ever can be accessed here.

In addition to a bunch other podcasts, Anthony co-hosts the weekly TV, Eh? podcasts with myself and Diane; those can all be found here.


TV, eh? podcast episode 198 – One Season Wonders

It’s a very special episode of the TV, Eh? podcast as Bob Goyetche and Dave Brodbeck from Best Episode Ever drop by to help Greg and Anthony fill the void left by Diane not being with us this week.

The quartet whip through 15 of the oddest and most ludicrous Canadian TV series from the past. The shows that made the cut were Guilty or Not Guilty, Diplomatic Passport, McQueen, The Forest Rangers, Quentin Durgens, M.P., Eye Bet, George, The Baxters, Beyond Reason, Learning the Ropes, Mount Royal, T. and T., Diamonds, Ombudsman and Night Walk.

Remember Night Walk?

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