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Celebrate Canada Day with Canada Vignettes

A big thanks to loyal TV, Eh? reader and supporter Robert Carnell for bringing back a flood of memories on this Canada Day. With folks like The TV Junkies providing a fantastic celebration of what they love about Canadian TV, Carnell’s tweet to me regarding Canada Vignettes prompted me to share them this July 1.

I distinctly remember watching these psychedelic looking shorts from the National Film Board of Canada amid episodes of The Polka Dot Door on TVOntario. After referencing the NFB’s website, I learned Canada Vignettes came to fruition after the CBC children’s programming department requested short films to compliment their own programming. A $13 million grant given by the federal government to promote national unity led to the NFB earmarking $2 million for shorts celebrating famous Canadians, our history and a celebration of the country.

Over 80 filmmakers got involved and the films were broadcast not only on CBC and TVO, but CTV, Global and TVA as well.

Anyone who grew up in the 80s will remember at least one of these vignettes—The Log Driver’s Waltz has over 1 million YouTube views—which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section below … and Happy Canada Day!

The Log Driver’s Waltz


Delta Plane

Emergency Numbers

Flin Flon


Crossing Guard

Land of the Maple Leaf