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Tara Spencer-Nairn Talks Writers at the Canadian Screen Awards


Tara Spencer-Nairn (The Listener) on Writers 

(Photo by Derek Langer)

I caught up with Tara at the second Industry Gala of the Canadian Screen Awards. She had some wonderful things to say about the writer’s she has worked with.

“I would be nothing without the writers – that’s where it all starts, the vision becomes reality. That’s where it all happens is the writing. As an actor I’m always very anal about my lines, I try very hard to stick to the script because I respect the time it took for the writers to pick a word, pick a line, there’s so much that goes into it, and enough of it is already thrown to the wayside once we get onto set. You have to remember, that’s where it all started – they’re the base of the pyramid.”